Getting College Credit through CLEP  

Earning a college credit is helpful for anyone who wishes to finish college early. CLEP is the fast track to your educational future. The College Level Examination Program is one of the examinations that students can take in order to earn college credit from 2,900 colleges that grant it. Each institution awards the credit to students who meet the college’s minimum qualifying score for that exam. Also, each institution determines the exams for which it awards the credit and the amount of credit that will be granted. Make sure to review the college’s or university’s CLEP policy to know this information.

The amount of credit you can earn from a CLEP exam can be up to 12 credits if you pass it. However, the amount of individual CLEP exam you can earn varies with each institution. There are colleges that place a limit on the total amount of credit you can earn while others may grant you exemption but no credit towards your degree.

DLSMinimum qualifying score for earning a CLEP credit may vary from exam to exam. Most colleges publish their required scored for earning CLEP credit in their general catalog or brochure.

There are instances where colleges will not grant credit for a CLEP exam. If you have already attempted a college-level course closely aligned with the exam, some colleges will not grant credit for it. Also, some colleges will not permit you to earn CLEP credit for a course that you failed.

Before repeating a CLEP exam, be sure to wait six months. Repeating a CLEP exam of the same title earlier than six months will make the scores not accepted and test fees will be forfeited. Aside from that, colleges usually award CLEP credit only to their enrolled students.

To be sure if a CLEP credit can be earned, find out from the institution what type of credit you can receive and all other information before taking the CLEP exam.

Advantages of CLEP

CLEP is a good way to earn a college credit saving you time and money.  Having a good score on the CLEP test enables you to earn college credit for any course without really needing to spend some time and cash to sign-up and finish it. It offers a superior opportunity to receive credit for things you already know, stuff you learned through on-the-job training, internships, or perhaps personal study.

CLEP examOne of the advantages of CLEP is that students don’t have to spend money on subjects that they don’t need. It helps you to save money by not having to pay the schooling and also the miscellaneous for the subjects that were credited by the CLEP. Students that earn college credit through CLEP exams can graduate in 3 years rather than four, or finish a whole semester early than students who take the traditional classes. That’s an additional year or semester, which gives you more opportunity to earn more courses.

You may also jump straight ahead to higher-level courses if you are able to pass through the required CLEP exams to satisfy your lower-level needs. By doing this, you will not have to spend your time re-learning material when you may be investing that very same time learning something new. You don’t have to spend an hour attending a class you already know. Using CLEP exams to obtain credit for opening courses provides you with a good amount of time to enroll in the courses you really wish to take. This advantage of CLEP exams can make your time and effort in college more meaningful.


College Level Examination Program Test Taking Tips Part 2

Don’t let the test taking get the best of you. Sometimes taking a test can save you time and money. The CLEP (College Level Evaluation Program) examination has been the most commonly efficient credit-by-examination system and is approved by over 2,900 universities. CLEP allows you to take an exam to earn higher education credits without taking the course, enabling you to save lots of money. Here are some easy tips that will help you stay relaxed and successfully pass your College Level Examination Program test:


  • Read the entire question, including the multiple choice answers before putting down your answer. Instructions typically tell you to choose the best answer. Study all the answers before you choose one, even if the first or second answer option looks appropriate to you.
  • Pace yourself and keep an eye on the time. Always make sure you are not going to fast or too slow. The common duration of answering the questions should be about 30-45 seconds. You should have answered at least 50 percent of the questions in a section when half of the time for that section has passed.
  • Don’t spend a lot of your energy and effort on any one question. If you don’t know the answer after you’ve considered it briefly, go on to the next question. Mark the question so you can come back to it later.
  • Any answer is better than no answer. Do not leave a question empty. There are no penalties for wrong answers. If you can recognize apparent wrong answers, you have improved your possibilities of answering it properly.
  • Don’t waste your time. Most students’ spend by reading too much into the question by looking for faults in query terminology or styles in appropriate answers. CLEP places significant amounts of effort into creating legitimate, efficient and reasonable examinations.

Why Prepare for CLEP Exams

Whether you are about to begin your higher education career or are coming back, you still need to have a quick evaluation to get ready. There is nothing more intense than going into one of the English CLEP exams with generally taught one-semester long Introductory Microeconomics course. Each appropriate response matters favorably and then a portion might need for certain questions likely to be asked on the examination. The college student is permitted to prepare for the CLEP exams using web-based CLEP examination research programs, less than the credit would cost if the class was taken. This purpose is just one of many illustrations of how CLEP is during an actual test, so you can plan in advance a CLEP test-taking technique that will continue to work best for you.

CLEP_examsMost colleges and universities allow learners to drop College Level Examination Program are also supporters of utilizing AP or Advanced Placement classes. Most CLEP assessments award credit with a passing score of 50, although the CLEP review books for practice beforehand can be essential to the student’s success. There are large numbers of CLEP research books available online. Economic Recession makes CLEP exams eye-catching. This choice, with the economic system in its current state, leads to learners acquiring between 3 to 6 school credits. These examinations cover material trained in introductory or general education college programs and require learners to take the risk of sitting in the examination without adequate planning. CLEP exams meet lower level college education requirements, a college credit without giving up the unique possibilities for fun and relationship that are available during secondary school.

Of the thirty-four provided examinations, the army education and studying finance attracts a planning system personalized particularly for you. You will find this key function losing in conventional ways of studying. These CLEP examinations provide extra optionally available 90-minute articles with two example assessments based on the particular test for which you require research. Learners may choose to take these examinations in order to simply lose a few classes and this is where using the right research books can be incredibly valuable.

American Literature CLEP Exams

The CLEP exams for American Literature covers chronologically organized material taught in a two-semester introductory course in American Literature. This CLEP exam deals with the writing and poetry written in the United States from the Northeastern, Romantic, Realism and Naturalism, Modernist, and Contemporary Times.

This CLEP examination focuses on fiction and poetry more than essays, dramas, and autobiographies and assumes that learners getting the examination have read a wide range of American Literature works and know its basic periods and traditional development. Specifically, this CLEP exam tests learners’ information about specific literary content such as characters, plots, setting, and themes. This CLEP examination also assesses a learner’s ability to demonstrate and understand short poetry or excerpts from longer poetry and writing works. Students getting the CLEP exams need information of the traditional and social settings of literary works and their authors. The American Literature CLEP exams also require learners to demonstrate their familiarity with terminology used by literary experts and researchers, while understanding critical theories, verse forms, and literary devices.

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP examination involves content provided in a two-semester common literature course. This CLEP examination represents learners have read a wide range of poems, dilemma, stories, and nonfiction mainly from United States and British literature. Exam questions apply to chosen paragraphs and no past experience with the paragraphs is required. The English Literature CLEP exams cover a traditional organization of material obtained in a two-semester undergrad course. This CLEP test covers author’s work from Beowulf to the present, working on major authors and literary works, but sometimes includes questions about minor authors.

All of these multiple-choice CLEP exams allow for achievement within 90 minutes. The American Literature CLEP examination has about 100 questions, while the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP examination contains roughly 80 questions and the English Literature CLEP examination contains 95 questions.

Guides for CLEP Exams

In the more advanced world, Education and learning is a primary need for all human beings. Most people cannot continue their study due to some reason. Military personnel whose time is mostly spent in missions are not able to continue their education such as 4 year college degree. CLEP and DSST are examinations that give them opportunity to get college credit for learning obtained outside the conventional educational setting. This is a very useful system.

There are many companies that run programs for planning of CLEP and DSST examinations. The College-Level Evaluation Program (CLEP) is the most commonly approved credit-by-examination system, was developed by the College Board. It is available at more than 2,900 schools. There is need to complete any of the 34 CLEP examinations and after passing it, you can accomplish your college and profession objectives. The course is designed in as short as 4 days, so you are able to take CLEP test on the 5th day and earn credit from the course. It is helpful to get college credit for what you already know, for a little sum of cash.

There are many companies that offer a very beneficial on the internet CLEP study guides that gives you the material to prepare for the CLEP exams. The content of these guides is so simple that learners can easily prepare for the examinations. The College Board also post study information containing sample assessments for all examinations. There are unique tips for exam takes to make the exam easier. In the CLEP review, you do not have to pay for every detail. There are services that offer many study guides. Some of them are easily available to prepare you for your topic and others have a set price range.