Dantes Exam 101

Imagine this, it’s a shiny, warm day and things are going fairly well with school! You have gained several semesters’ worth of credit through CLEP assessments, and your feel very assured with the College Board’s technique of making credit. Actually, your assurance with the several option examinations is so great that you are considering changing your middle name to CLEP. Then, instantly, you see a threatening reasoning growing above. As you view your higher education design, something grabs your eye. Among the rest, helpful CLEP examinations, you see the characters DSST. Your heart stops. “What is this?” Before you have an anxiety attack, there’s something you should know. DSST, or DANTES exams, are no cause for alert. On the opposite, they are very just like CLEP assessments, and side-effects may consist of complications, throwing up, and stomach discomfort.

Dantes_examIn all severity, DANTES exams are very much like CLEP examinations. I like to think of the distinction between CLEP and DANTES exams as being just like the distinction between Pepsi and Coke. While the appearance is a bit different and individuals have choices between the two manufacturers, they are incredibly identical and there are few real variations between the two drinks. Like CLEP examinations, DANTES exams are timed, multiple choice examinations and credit are granted on a pass/fail basis. As with CLEP assessments, there is no penalty for incorrect answers (they only check the right answers) and DANTES exams are usually available in a computer-based format. Containing between 80-120 questions, the duration of a DANTES examination is much like CLEP as well.

When you see DANTES test looming above, do not panic! Keep in mind, overall, the experience will be just like the CLEP examining encounter, and most make it out of the testing center unscathed. If you have any concerns or worry regarding DANTES exams, be sure to discuss with your trainer. They can rest your worries and walk you through the procedure and even provide recommendations to make the procedure simpler.

Comparison between Dantes, CLEP and Excelsior Exams

If you are not sure which CLEP exams to take and how college credit for the following credit-by-examination applications, then here’s the answer. On these three assessments I obtained a high enough score that the college I was participating granted me to be present to learn about their CLEP plan and Dantes exam policies and which examination matches with what class, how many credit they take, or if they take CLEP  or Dantes exam credit at all. The second way to play the gap designed by the credit examinations there would actually be a way to move forward quicker.

dantes_examThere are many choices to select from when it comes to substitute routes to get college credit. Credit-by-exams are assessments that allow you to confirm your knowledge in an area to college credit. It’s an excellent way to accomplish identification of college-level studying for senior students. These assessments are similar to each other somewhat, but there are some exciting technicalities as well. Most of the 33 CLEP assessments are for common knowledge sessions. For Dantes exam, there are 38 topics to choose from in higher and lower stage credit. The Upper Level assessments are more specific and can be used towards a major, and therefore can be more difficult. There are a total of 49 Excelsior College Assessments, of which 15 are medical relevant.

Both CLEP and Dantes exams are provided at local schools, which I found out by looking for exam facilities on both the CLEP and Dantes exam websites. Because each university has its own signing up procedure, I was recommended to contact the test center. While on the phone, they assisted me through the signing up procedure for both assessments and planned a test time frame for me. For the Excelsior College Examination, I planned the test on the internet via Pearson VUE. I like the point that I can check the availability on the internet, as well as the organizing versatility. All the assessments are computer-based and include entirely of multiple-choice concerns. The CLEP and Dantes tests each have 100 questions to be completed in 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. The Excelsior College Examination has 120 questions to be completed in 2.5 hours. I found all three assessments I took to be at the same problems stage.