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Distance Learning systems is one of the nation's leading online learning platform with over 20,000 enrolled individuals pursuing a degree nationwide. Distance Learning Systems is the first to offer customized educational solutions and programs that provide college credits transferable to thousands of U.S. colleges and universities as well as many international institutions.

Distance Learning Systems saves students and customers thousands of dollars in college tuition costs by providing the most widely-accepted credit by exam and subject exam courses that can be used to test out of college classes and apply towards a degree.

Our Purpose

Distance Learning System's purpose is to enrich lives by providing affordable and convenient access to higher education while achieving standards of excellence.

Our Core Values


Formulate new and creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.


Engage both the heart and mind in our work in order to achieve extraordinary results.


Empower clients and team members to achieve their goals.


Honest and transparent communication to foster trust and encouragement.


Treat everyone as you would want to be treated while maintaining team over self.

Frequently Asked Questions


Distance Learning Systems is an educational publishing company specializing in preparing individuals to pass nationally standardized proficiency exams. We are the nation’s #1 test prep company for earning college credit by exam. Students use our courses to pass CLEP, DANTES, and ECE exams. To learn more visit Our Company.


Because you save both time and money earning your college degree while having the support of an academic staff and, if wanted, knowledgeable instructors.


Students can prepare to pass the standardized exams in 3 ways: independent self-study, the use of our online learning program, or through face-to-face classes at an independent facility (Blended Program).


You can study for the college proficiency exams from the comfort of home either via the independent study or the online classroom approach which offers online tutoring. Additionally, through the Blended Learning Program, face-to-face tutoring is available in certain areas across the United States.


Immediately. You do not have to wait until a "semester" starts to enroll. There is continuous open enrollment with no date restriction so call your program administrator today to get started. There are no waiting lists to delay your progress. To learn more, go to Get Started.


Our programs are very affordable when compared to classes taken at traditional college campuses. Your program cost will depend on the number of courses that are required to complete the degree you seek. To learn more about our guaranteed financing and other financial assistance programs visit Financing.


They could try. However, most of these courses are difficult. Even if a student could figure out exactly which courses they needed to take on their own, it is a rare student who could pass one of the courses without any preparation.

The distinct advantage of Distance Learning Systems is that its course preparation materials, written by experts in the field, target the test in a way that many college courses do not. Our writers have synthesized the material of one or multiple books into our tutorials, doing much of the work for our student.

Sometimes too, the requirements needed to complete a licensing program are not immediately obvious. We try to ensure that none of our students have missing courses. Our regular students enjoy the availability of our academic advisors who are ready to suggest and provide added free resources beyond the course. Our students are not confronting the wide world of tests and licensing requirements all alone: we are able to guide them through so they will end up with the right results! To learn more visit How It Works.


Yes. Students can use either their own financial institutions or ours. We provide loans for the cost of your program. To learn more about our guaranteed financing and other financial assistance programs visit Financing.


Yes. CLEP and DANTES (DSST), like ECE, have their own examination fees. Typically, CLEP and DANTES (DSST) are as low as $87 per exam. ECE fees vary and change more often. College and University fees may vary. To learn more call toll free (888)-955-3276


Student participating in independent study pass exams more than 80% of the time. Students adding tutoring through the online classroom or our Blended Learning Program pass exams at more than 97% of the time. To learn more visit Testimonials.


Distance Learning Systems is dedicated to our students. Your success is our success. Our academic staff is more than qualified to assist you in successfully completing the program. To learn more call toll free at (888)-955-3276

Want to talk? Give us a call. 1-888-955-3276