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Online Learning Capability Test
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 1) I have 5-7 hours per week to devote to studying.
 2) I have a place to study that is free of interruptions.
 3) My family is supportive of my goal.
 4) I am intimidated by computers.
 5) I understand online classes are not easier than traditional classes.
 6) I enjoy learning.
 7) I am looking for a program that allows me to work at my own pace while providing structure & motivation.
 8) I learn better when I use the information in a practical environment.
 9) Receiving a response from my instructor within 24-hours of my question appeals to me.
 10) I am committed to my goals.
 11) I am a confident test taker.
 12) I have computer access.
 13) I have strong study skills.
 14) I require substantial direction from my instructor to be assured of success.
 15) I take the initiative to find a solution when it comes to trouble-shooting.
 16) I find it difficult to meet deadlines.
 17) I have a reliable internet connection.
 18) I enjoy challenging endeavors.
 19) I am easily frustrated.
 20) I learn more from hearing my instructor lecture than from having the ability to view the lecture online.

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