Anatomy & Physiology Online Learning Tool

Informa’s 3D anatomy software company Primal Pictures has launched an iPad allowed edition of its award-winning Anatomy & Physiology online subscription, the most complete and clinically precise interactive 3D model of the human body and its systems. The new edition, Anatomy & Physiology Online for iPad, is touchscreen technology allowed; allowing customers to move rotate views and add or eliminate physiological layers, all with the touch of a finger.

The iPad edition contains the most popular of Anatomy & S Physiology Online, which has been widely implemented in college as an anatomy publication replacement or enhancement. The app provides interactive, 3D views of the human body with integrated anatomy material. Users can move pictures, peel away layers and add or eliminate anatomy from the 3D pictures. They can also view narrated animated graphics, films and illustrations of physiology, dissection slides and access an audio pronunciation guide. Each section contains studying objectives, with topical material appearing on the same page as the interactive pictures, slides, films and animation.

Anatomy_&_Physiology“This resource makes complex physiological pictures easier to understand and provides information in a format that has become the default studying environment for today’s tech-savvy learners,” said Warren Berman, Assistant Lecturer of Biology, Community College of Philadelphia and a faculty critic for Primal Pictures. “Colleges are moving curricula online at a record pace and customers have been desperately inquiring an iPad edition of Primal’s best-selling product.”

Primal Pictures developed its 3D models using medical scan information to create a highly detailed and precise design that features the interrelations of human body systems. Its range of 3D human body titles are already used by more than 500,000 learners and 70,000 teachers at over 700 colleges and universities around the world. Students can access the products from any web-enabled device. Instructors can review and track information on student usage and studying and can adjust or modify the internet lessons and conversations accordingly.

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