Answering Interview Questions

Going to a job interview is always daunting. We can never get used to it. Interviews make us more self-conscious. It is nerve wracking and terrifying. If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, here are some useful tips that you might want to try.

1.) The part when they ask you to talk about yourself.

They really do not want to hear your life story. What they want to hear is your educational attainment, career objectives, professional experience and your idea of what your personality is.

2.) The part when they ask you about your previous job.

This is not the part where you say something bad about your previous employer. Tell them what the hospital or medical facility is like and how it has helped your career experience.

3.) The part when they ask you about what you know about their company.

This will help them find out if you’ve done your research about them.It would help if you know a bit about their company history and their reputation.

4.) The part when they ask you why you want to work there.

Have an earnest answer for this question. Tell them your reasons for choosing to apply for them. Let them know how your career goals match their mission, vision and goal.

For nurses, it is very important to find a good working environment. Make sure that you choose the right facility to apply for, as this will make your job less stressful and more exciting.

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