Choices Matter in Higher Education!

I would like to tell you a short story that I feel you might find helpful. If you’ve been out of school for several years, or if you’ve just finished high school and considering college; it’s important to understand you have options that frankly didn’t exist just a few years ago. These changes translate to the possibility of reduced tuition in a world that has seen the cost of a college degree skyrocket year after year.

Practically a generation ago I had just left the military and knew that I needed additional education if I was to build a suitable life for myself and my family. I chose industrial engineering and started my journey. At that time the word “options” didn’t exist in higher ed. Our schedule was set, books were purchased (ouch), my parking permit for Parking Lot G was issued and my journey began. While many of my classes were interesting and some inspiring, nothing was simple. Frankly, the discipline required to navigate school at that time seemed very similar to my life in the military, but of course without the threat of death. There were days I felt that my life was not my own. I know we’ve all felt that way at one point or another. The rigors of that program I will never forget, but at the same time, I am so thankful I had that opportunity.

Some years later I married a nursing student at a local university. Her experience was not so different from my own. The school of nursing told her where to go, how long she would be there, what to wear, and even how to cut her hair. The challenges of a traditional RN program are well known, but she graduated, got her RN, and has had a great career for many years.

As I look back on our personal experiences in contrast to what you as a student might experience today, I realize this is a different world. A better world in terms of choices you have available to you we never imagined.

While a global pandemic certainly expanded the availability of online learning, online classes have been around for several years now. My own son completed his master’s degree online and has only his thesis yet to do for his Doctor of Education, also online. He married his wife who also completed her master’s degree online and took a job with the university. The beauty of earning a degree online can be summed up in one word, convenience. While completing his graduate studies he was able to maintain a full-time job and even buy a home. I’m a firm believer in online education. It works if the student will.

So, what about choices in higher education? What about the cost and delivery of classes. How can you save time and money and make the completion of your degree less stressful and more affordable? That’s where Distance Learning Systems might make a huge difference in your life just as they have in the lives of over 20,000 other students.

By contacting DLSI first, you will have a choice of over 450 online degrees awarded by their 30 university partners. But it doesn’t stop there. DLSI is part of your academic journey. Students will complete most general education and general elective courses completely online, on their own schedule, at about half the average tuition charged nationwide and in about half the time with DLSI. Most DLSI students then transfer their courses to their choice of a DLSI university partner and begin the second phase of their program as a sophomore. It’s important to note that most DLSI partner universities will also provide a tuition discount to DLSI transfer students.

Considering the stress involved in beginning a university education in this modern world, it’s good to know there is someone who understands you and is here to help. To learn more visit or call 888-955-3276.

Written by Dave Christy