College Credit By Exam

The most popular examinations provided by credit by exam companies fall into the type of “general education and learning,” enabling learners to get credit for subjects such as college geometry and calculus or English composition and literature by passing standardized examinations, rather than participating a brick-and-mortar 101 class.

credit_by_examBetween these significant players and other credit by exam resources, there are actually a variety of core/introductory, course-distribution and even significant need programs that learners can check off by passing an examination vs. seated through the comparative course at the school in which they are enrolled. Given that examination prices are a portion of educational costs, credit by exam is an attractive choice for learners looking to reduce costs by finishing a four-year degree program in just three years or less.  And universities are starting to work with learners enthusiastic about discovering solutions to four years of tuition-paid registration as a means to bring down the increasing cost of higher education.

Students considering this choice should keep in mind that CLEP and other college equivalence examinations are much like a complicated final examination that comes at the end of a well-taught course. So, learners need to get ready (ideally by actually studying the content vs. just cramming) through separate study or registration in an online classroom. In theory, one could get an entire degree by just taking examinations (with some companies providing to help you get around your way through the thicket of who provides and who allows what with respect to college credit).  But, credit by exam does illustrate an opening for getting more MOOC classes associated with authentic college credit (presuming some advanced MOOC company, examination designer or other business owner can find a way to make this a practical option).

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