Computer Adaptive Examination in NCLEX-RN

The first to bring computer adaptive testing (CAT) to exam preparation in the field of nursing knowledge, the National League for Nursing will present a major research and development effort at the NLN’s future yearly Education Summit in Philadelphia on Friday, Sept 24. It is part of the National League for Nursing dedication to provide schools of nursing with consistent assessments of the highest psychometric quality, said Dr. Stephen Hetherman, director of Testing Services at the National League for Nursing. Utilizing state-of-the-art test preparation technology, computer adaptive testing will transform the current RN extensive evaluation, Dr. Hetherman stated.

Computer adaptive testing is a method for providing evaluation products of appropriate difficulty for each student’s capability stage. Each time the undergraduate answers a question, the pc re-estimates her or his capability. Based on that re-estimated capability, the NLN’s exclusive software chooses the next product to be provided from a large pool of available products that will challenge the undergraduate (i.e., the item is not too hard and not too easy) and meet content requirements. In this way, CAT tailors the set of products each undergraduate is provided with to each student’s stage of expertise. Applied in this flexible structure, the new RN Comprehensive Achievement Examination will evaluate clients’ NCLEX determination and imitate the NCLEX testing environment.

“As standard-bearers of quality in nursing knowledge, the NLN has once again raised the bar in terms of preparing pre-licensure RN applicants for the certification examination,” said NLN CEO Dr. Beverly Malone. “We are enjoying our members, proactively working with them to bring forward the best in nursing knowledge. This latest advancement is fully arranged with the NLN objective to market quality in nursing knowledge to build strong and different nursing employees.”