Coping With Stress As Nurses

Being a nurse is a rewarding profession, but every nurse knows that it comes with a lot of stress. With the many tasks and responsibilities that nurses do, it is quite common to see others who burn out and get exhausted.

There are some days when we encounter patients who are in a bad mood or who simply do not like us. There are also other days when we get caught between the patient’s families and their doctors. These are just a few of the elements that stress us out. That is why many veteran nurses tell younger nurses to learn to manage their stress.

Being a nursing student is also big challenge. Students may encounter difficult experiences during their internship, or they may have so many projects in school that they can’t seem to manage. Demanding teachers can also be the reason for stress.

Below are some helpful tips that you can use, whether you’re a Paramedic to RN student or a professional nurse.

1.) Start your day with a smile.

Smiling never hurts. In facts, smiling makes you look younger. When you smile, you also get a smile from others. Doing this can give you more positive energy to survive the day at work.

2.) Know your tasks and responsibilities.

Be aware of your tasks and responsibilities. Coming to work without any idea of what to prioritize first can make your day terrible. It would also be helpful if you make a to-do list. This will give you an idea of which tasks to do first. Make sure that your first tasks are your biggest priorities. Once the biggest priorities are done, you will be more relaxed when you finish the less important ones.

3.) Avoid gossiping.

Talking about other people and listening about other people’s stories will not do anyone good. In fact, it will only make you a more judgmental person. By judging and defining others based on the gossips you hear, you give colors to those people when you see them. This will only change the way you connect with them at work. You do not want people to do this to you and vice versa.

4.) Exercise.

Exercise does not only keep you physically healthy, but it also releases endorphins, which give you more positive vibes and feelings. These are called happy hormones. By becoming more energetic and positive, getting through a workday becomes a piece of cake.

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