Dantes Credit by Examination

Members of the army have the opportunity to earn one-third or more of the credit needed for a college degree through the “Credit-by-Exam” system provided through DANTES. Dantes Credit by Examination, commonly approved by schools, can save your funds as you engage in your academic objectives. Available in more than 150 subjects, they are much like assessments given at the end of any college course. Before getting any of these assessments, it’s sensible to check with the school or higher education you plan to be present at to make sure the credit will meet your stage specifications.


Here are six benefits of getting these exams:

  • Helps you to save Cash – While a typical college course can cost over $100 per credit, DANTES Credit-by-Exam assessments are free.
  • Helps you to save Time – The common course contains between three and six hours per week over the course of three or more months. Based on your detail of knowledge, planning time for each exam could be less than a month.
  • Allows You to Skip Forward – Instead of buying boring freshman-level classes, you can leap right ahead to more interesting innovative ones.
  • Study Groups – Search for people in your unit with similar objectives and meet together on lunchtime breaks.
  • Doesn’t Require College Enrollment – It is not necessary to be registered in a college to take these assessments.
  • Versatility – You can choose your own study materials and set your own work deadlines.

There are three types of exams:

  • CLEP – There are 14 CLEP exams, which are available as paper-based assessments at participating DANTES Test Facilities.
  • DSST – These are a comprehensive sequence of examinations in topics that are much like finals in undergrad programs.
  • ECE – While most are objective multiple-choice questions, some ECE examinations are completely essay based. In addition to information and terminology, these assessments analyze use of essential ideas and abilities.

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