Dantes Exam

Earning a degree while finishing army service can be extremely challenging. Military responsibilities can make it increasingly difficult to study regularly and experts can also struggle to finish their undergrad degrees while attempting to handle work, family and educational responsibilities simultaneously. Fortunately, there is a widely used option that allows learners to finish their degree in a timelier manner. DANTES exams grant credit-by-examination, allowing learners to earn transferable credit by passing an examination in topics that they’ve already perfected, rather than having to join long, time intensive and repetitive courses. DANTES exams (now known as DSST exams), and the colleges that support them, can save army personnel a lot of money.

The DANTES evaluation was the unique name of a type of credit-by-examination that permitted learners to generate credit for subjects they could confirm they already completed via qualified testing. DANTES examinations are now known as DSST examinations and are just like AP examinations taken in secondary school. Moving a DSST / DANTE evaluation allows the student to generate higher education credit without having to take an excellent course in the same subject. Earning attributes via DANTES or DSST examining can cut out the time required to complete a degree, enabling learners to graduate a term or in some cases even years earlier than expected, saving lots of money in educational costs.

There are also two other, quite identical types of credit-by-examination frequently used by Active Duty army members and experts called CLEP and ECE.

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