Definition of Distance Learning

Distance Education has been around for more than 100 years. It can be traced as far back as the late 17th century. Also known as communication education and learning, it is basically education and learning focused on training people who are not actually present in a setting. This type of training and learning depends on inspired people to complete studies and session plans at their own speed and send their work in to be analyzed by their trainer. Essentially, distance learning is studying that includes the teacher and individuals being divided by distance, time, or both. Hybrid classes usually include a combination of classroom time and distance studying, usually with learners taking examinations in the presence of a trainer.


In its origins, distance learning took advantage of the e-mail service to deliver training and completed projects returning and forth between instructors and learners. As more educational organizations started to understand what distance studying could do for them, they started to offer certain programs via e-mail.

As technology progressed, some organizations started to utilize TV and radio programming as ways of providing their courses to the public. These educational organizations clipped up throughout European countries and became known as ‘open universities’, with learners exceeding beyond one hundred thousand. But while TV programming is still used sometimes, computers have become the primary form of distance learning. While once considered a bit of a black sheep, substandard type of training and learning, as more academic institutions and learners know what online is and what its benefits are, it is growing in popularity. The ability to utilize web meeting technology to involve online learners into an academic setting, along with the indication of many other academic materials and information, have made online the fastest growing form of training and education at the moment.

With its comfort, versatile daily activities, lower costs, and the everyday living of numerous approved academic institutions offering online, it’s clear and understandable why it is only expected to develop in importance.

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