Easy Steps to A Healthier Diet

Contrary to popular belief, nurses, too, enjoy junk food and anything sweet. That is why it is not surprising to see big nurses running around in the facility. As nurses, we all know what kind of food are healthy and what aren’t. However, because we usually have no time to prepare, we tend to rely on fast food which are loaded with tons of fats and oil.

So how do we change our lifestyle? How do we keep ourselves healthy? The first step is to switching from junk food to food and drinks that are nutritious and healthy. Below are some tips.

1.) Eat leafy greens every few days.

Eating vegetables improve digestion. They are also packed with the right nutrients and vitamins. Make yourself a salad the night before and just let it sit in the fridge overnight. Take it to your workplace for lunch. Make sure that you don’t use a salad dressing that is fattening. Greens like spinach, beet greens and Swiss chard are just a few of the many delicious leaves you should eat.

2.) Have a healthier breakfast.

You are probably aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is also important to note that what you eat for breakfast should still be loaded with healthy stuff. Instead of eating a muffin or a bagel, try eating a hard-boiled egg or canned sardines. Have brown rice or yogurt with some grains and fruit. Protein filled food gives you the energy to survive through the day. Simply relying on sugar filled food or drinks is not enough to keep you alert at work.

3.) Avoid pre-packaged food.

Pre-packaged food are usually loaded with salt, fat or sugar. Eating them everyday will only put more inches to your waistline. To keep yourself from eating fat filled food, you can prepare your food yourself. There are many healthy recipes that you can find online and I’m pretty sure it won’t take longer than 15 minutes.

Students taking courses like ASN Basics or Respiratory Therapy and other similar courses, as well as medical professionals must remember to keep their health in check. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind.

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