Enrolling in a DANTES Catalog Program

DANTES is an off-duty support system for the voluntary educational applications. DANTES primary roles include providing the army employees all the necessary tools to help them achieve their personal education goals. The DANTES Independent Study Catalog courses are offered by domestically approved colleges and universities (with a DANTES Memorandum of Understanding). The DANTES External Degree Catalog lists, certificates and degree programs are available from domestically approved colleges and universities (with a DANTES Memorandum of Understanding).

Dantes_credit_by_examinationTo join any of the programs found in the DANTES credit by examination online catalogs, you need to get in touch with the university and follow the procedure. Remember, before searching for a course or degree program, that there is the possibility of receiving credit through the Military Evaluations Program http://militaryguides.acenet.edu, and through the DANTES Credit by Examination program. Also, many of the service members Opportunity Colleges at http://www.soc.aascu.org colleges offer contracts-for-degree in which, particular use of non-traditional credit is usually optimized for military learners. Be aware before applying to any college of all the specifications that you need to meet, course cost, term lengths, delivery modes, student-to-instructor contacts and testing guidelines. Check for the college’s drop/add date for each course, guidelines for giving “W, F, and I” grades and all return guidelines and schedules. Consider all of these before you join.

In general, although subject to particular service guidelines, specified boundaries, yearly caps and accessibility to financing, learners will be provided either up-front or reimbursable educational costs assistance which may cover 100% of their educational costs and charges. Contact your Service education counselors for current educational costs assistance guidelines and specifications, as these frequently change. And the liability to know and understand the policy falls on you. You should bear in mind that you may be required to make another payment to the university book store for books and materials, this is not standard, but some educational institutions make a requirement of it. Although educational institutions agree to notify DANTES before changing educational costs and generally attempt to avoid changing charges during a school year, prices can change before they are enrolled into the online Catalogs. Make sure to always consult the school to determine the correct price before applying.

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