Essential Qualities of A Nursing Leader

To be chosen as a nursing leader is a privilege. It is something to be proud of and something to work hard for. For anyone aspiring to become a nursing leader, below are some essential qualities that you need to have.

1. You need to be proficient.

Being proficient means that you are knowledgeable about treatments, medicine, drugs and patient care. Not only should you be able to follow doctor’s orders but you should also know the reasons and purpose behind such orders. Subordinate nurses who have less experience in the nursing profession often depend on leaders.

2. You need to earn your coworkers’ respect and trust.

To be respected as a leader, you must act like a leader. You need to know what your roles are. You need to be a role model to your peers. If you cannot follow orders or certain rules and regulations, there will be a big chance that neither your team will.

3. Know your staff members.

Leaders need to realize that every staff member is different, in terms of the character or attitude. A nursing leader, when problems arise, should know how to approach and communicate with the staff appropriately. Also, leaders should know some important background information about each staff. This includes their skills, past work experience or educational background.

4. Promote teamwork.

The workplace becomes less stressful when everyone works together.  With teamwork, patients are taken care of and everyone gets to work carrying with them positive vibes.

The aforementioned qualities are not only applicable to those working in hospitals and medical facilities, nursing educators should also have those qualities so as to impart knowledge and values to their students. Students, like those taking up ASN basics or BSN degrees, and subordinate nurses should also learn from their leaders’ positive qualities and values.

Being a nursing leader is hard, but it is a position that will give you a chance to help and assist more people with your skills and experience.

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