Guide to Credit By Exam

When you are learning new material, college courses could be exciting, even fun. However when you have a listing of needed courses to accomplish your degree and a number of them cover understanding you’ve already learned at work, from reading during your free time, as well as subjects taught in high school, then it may be frustrating to need to cover exactly the same ground, particularly when having to pay for that privilege! This is exactly why credit by exam is a great option for all students. You will find a variety of programs that permit students who already have a strong command of the particular concept to pass a standardized test in it, and treat that credit like transfer credit.

It’s not entirely picture perfect, obviously. While credit by exam is definitely an excellent shortcut, not all school accepts it. Schools that do frequently place a restriction on how much credit could be gained by doing this, and students who wish to make the most of it have to remain conscious of possible overlap between the exams that interest them and also the training they may take or be prepared to take later on. You will find an unexpected quantity of credit by exam programs. An example of a popular program is the College Level Examination Program or CLEP. Another one is the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service or FLATS. Another is known as DANTES.

Keep in mind that while credit by exam could be a great way to save time, not every school and college accepts it. If haven’t signed up for a college but intend to do this, make certain you speak at length with prospective schools to make sure you will not be disappointed. And when you are already signed up for a college, talk to your academic consultant or counselor to make certain that any tests you need to take will affect your degree program. There are also educational publishing companies that can provide specific study guides for these particular courses that you can test out of with ease and confidence by investing a little in your test preparation to guarantee your success. Best of luck and happy test taking!

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