Having Good Security In Hospitals

Working in hospitals has its pros and cons. On most days, most nurses would often find themselves happy with their work and patients. But there are just some days when a patient becomes violent, which becomes a problem for the hospital and the staff.

Why do violence occur in the hospital? There are many causes for this. Alcohol and drug use can be one of the reasons. Patients who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have less tolerance over others and have less control over their emotions. Patients with head injuries or concussions may also have irritability and erratic behaviors, which drive them to become violent. There are also some patients who turn violent because of anger for the death of someone they love. These patients sometimes cannot control their anger and instead, lash it out on their nurses or doctors.

What should the hospital do?

Hospitals should see to it that nurses get the proper training for  such emergencies. Nurses should be calm when this happens and should know who and what to do when violence occurs. Facilities must see to it that patient rooms do not have any potentially harmful objects that may be used in violence. Security devices must also be installed strategically in important locations in the area. There must be metal detectors and security cameras. They are a good investment for the hospitals to ensure the safety of the patients and nurses. Emergency exits must be made and made visible in case of evacuation or seriously violent situations.

Hospitals should also give protection to their staff, from paramedic to RN, and patients as well. Nurses should not be working alone. There must be an adequate number of staff nurses to ensure that every patient gets attention when something goes wrong.

What should employees do?

Nurses should maintain a calm attitude to patients whom they know have a tendency to be violent. If threats are being made, nurses should not match them. It is also important for nurses acknowledge the patient’s feelings by empathizing with them.

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