How to Be A CNA Instructor

There are many nurses who wish to become Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor. However, most of them do no know where to start. Well, here are the requirements that they need.

1. Be A Registered Nurse.

This is the first requirement. You need to be a registered nurse first before you can become a CNA trainer. Becoming a registered nurse requires 4 years of training. You also need to pass the state nursing board exam to be able to get your license.

2. Work as a Registered Nurse

Once you have gotten your license, you want to make use of that by working as an RN. By doing this, you will gain the necessary experience needed for a competent teacher.

3. Take the CNA teacher’s training.

This training course will guide you on how to train CNAs. The training course usually runs about 15 hours or longer. Since you have no experience in teaching yet, the training will show you how to teach effectively.

4. Apply for a CNA instructor position.

Once you have met all the abovementioned requirements, you can now apply for the teaching position.Teaching is a great way to make your nursing career more colorful and exciting. Try it and you won’t regret it.

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