How To Comfort A Coworker During A Bad Shift

How To Comfort A Coworker During A Bad Shift

As a nurse, not all days are smooth sailing. There are some working days that get you down. It might be because of an honest mistake, a reprimand from a boss or a patient that is being difficult to take care of. Those moments somehow make you want to ask yourself why you are a nurse in the first place. If you or a coworker of yours is feeling exactly that way, it is always better to have some good company for uplifting.

Be a Good Listener

Nurses are generally good listeners. If your coworker is having a bad shift, take time to listen to their problems, unless of course he is not willing to divulge anything to you. When he does, just listen. Listening is a much better gesture than bombarding them with advice. Without someone listening to them about the pain of an incident, you make them feel better. This also makes their day more bearable. Listening also only takes just a few minutes of your time, as the both of you have work to do. Sparing five minutes of your time to listen to a coworker is also a good enough sign that you care.

Be Helpful

It is inevitable that certain things about one’s personal life gets tangled up with one’s job. If this happens to a coworker of yours, offer to help them. Help them even in the littlest of things, as long as it would not get in the way with your own tasks.

Being helpful also encourages teamwork among coworkers. In the future, when you are going through a problem, some of your coworkers might also be able to help you.

Be Encouraging

Sometimes a coworker going through a bad day only needs some cheering up. Encourage them and remind them of their strengths. Let them know that they are important and that they are needed. It is common for someone in a bad mood to doubt his or her skills. When they do feel that way, try to banish their negative thoughts by reminding them of the things that they are capable of. Tell them that it’s just one day and that tomorrow will be a better day.

Little acts of kindness go a long way. The more positive vibes there are in the workplace, the better the atmosphere becomes. For nurses, caring should not only be spread around patients, but with coworkers as well.

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