How To Evaluate Nursing Students

One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is that time when teachers need to evaluate the students. Nurse educators must realize that their evaluation can change lives. Nursing schools want to have graduates who are deserving of a nursing job. They want graduates who have better chances of getting a nursing license and making the school proud. Most of all, schools want the students to become nurses who are passionate about their job and who have qualities that are perfect for nurses. So how should educators evaluate students?

1. Educators must observe how students interact with their patients. Perhaps for students who are taking nursing bridge programs, like Paramedic to RN courses, interacting with patients are something they are already familiar with. They may be better at communicating with patients because they already have the experience. But for young students, it is important that they be showed the proper ways of speaking with and assisting patients. If educators cannot see any compassion or gentleness in their interaction with patients, students must be reevaluated.

2. Educators must check if the students are truly learning from their mistakes. Being in school involves a lot of trials and errors for students but in the end, they need to know how to correct their mistakes. A student nurse must show that he or she can easily understand or absorb the subjects or materials that are being given to them. Student nurses should know that they should own up to their mistakes and be accountable for their actions. If they can’t correct their mistakes or deny their mishaps, they might put their future patient’s life in danger.

3. Students must be able to do well with their academics. They must show good marks in tests and exams, may they be written or practical. They must also be able to perform the tasks being taught to them.

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