How to Take the Dante’s Exam?

Dante’s, CLEP and Excelsior examinations or Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Financed for active responsibility, National Guard members, and Reserves, which means they are basically free. The DANTES exam is a nationally-recognized credit-by-examination program that most institutions accept for credit towards a degree plan. One enormous benefit is to military personnel who may be separated from army bases such as recruiters who can still take these examinations for no cost at private test centers. Any army student with an accepted degree strategy should be able to use these examinations towards their degree strategy, supposing the subject fits into their accepted degree strategy. There are 38 Dante’s exams and these can be taken at an education center or at an approved off platform computer test center.

There are five actions to getting and passing a Dante’s Exam:





Phase 1. Find and Schedule – To choose a Dante’s exam center, go to the web link below and type in your city and the closest testing place will be displayed:

Phase 2. Obtain a Factsheet – There a few strategies to complete a Dante’s that implement the actual test development to ensure a passing ranking.

Phase 3. Get Books – The next step is to study the section known as Sources for study Material because this is where the guides used to design the exam questions are designed from.

Phase 4. Create Flashcards – Purchase a set of flashcards. Using the Fact Sheet, each phrase detailed on the fact sheet summary should be put on a flashcard. Using the examination Principles of Counseling as an example, this would cause to at least 34 flashcards.

Phase 5. Use Your Resources – Some examinations are normally simpler than others because learners have current details of the exam topic details. A good example would be the Army MOS 31B or military police.

Dante’s exam is a great method for quickly accomplishing higher education degree credit toward an accepted degree plan. The credit can be gained faster than an excellent course and if the examination is unsuccessful, then there is no college tuition assistance that will come out of your income.

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