LPN RN Bridge Online Programs

Did you know that a licensed practical nurse can now shift to another profession and become a registered nurse online? Yes, you have read it right! Aside from the conventional education, you can now complete nursing courses on the internet through LPN RN bridge programs, on the internet. This kind of program is not as well-known as other web based programs, but it is gradually becoming an option for some licensed practical nursing staff.

LPN_RN_bridgeOnline LPN to RN programs are regarded as bridge programs. To put it simply, this kind of program allows an individual to link the missing capabilities and educational topics between the two careers. So, you may be asking, why would a licensed practical health professional choose to become a registered nurse? Of course, there is no particular response to this query. Although, here are some of the most typical factors for a profession change:

  • Higher salary – RNs have higher wage than licensed practical nurses. This is relevant to the simple reality that the RNs generally have more obligations than LPNs. On average, a nurse can generate around $68,000 yearly as opposed to $54,000 regular wage of LPNs.
  • Career advancement – A lot of individuals want to further their career. Becoming a nurse is one way. You should keep in mind that to be able to achieve your goals, you always need to challenge yourself to become better when it comes to your profession. Entering into a LPN to RN bridge program is absolutely a right choice when it comes to profession growth.

These are just some of the many factors why individuals would want to move from being a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse.

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  1. Interested in the Lpn to RN program. Was enrolled in the program awhile back. Would like to start back up. Can someone please make contact with me. Thank you. Marti Blanchard

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