Making Nursing Trainings More Effective

As a nurse leader or trainee, how do you make trainings more effective? In the nursing field, it is always important to conduct trainings to new nurses so that they can have a clear idea of what they are supposed to be responsible for at work. While scheduling a training can be very easy, making it effective and relevant is challenging. There are times when trainees, by the end of the session, never learned anything from it. It ends up becoming a waste of time and resources.

So how should trainers go about with the training? Here are some tups.

Have careful planning.

What are topics to be covered in the training? How many people are participating? How long should the training be? Where is it going to be held? These questions need to be answered so as to know what kinds of resources should be needed during the training. By knowing all of these elements, trainees can make a schedule of activities that is appropriate for the trainees.

Make sure that the venue is conducive for learning and training.

If your school is offering a paramedic to RN program, with trainings on trauma nursing, it is important that the venue is big enough to accommodate the number of students, as well as the paraphernalia needed for the activities. Nursing trainings need to have application, which means that the venue needs to be big enough for application.

Trainers need to be able to connect with the trainees.

Trainers do not need to be affable to have a connection with the trainees. Trainers must be able to look for effective ways on how relate to nurses. They could inject some personal stories or experiences related to the training session topic.

Visual aids and other paraphernalia must be used.

In nursing trainings, simply describing situations is not enough. There must be visual aids to help trainees get a concrete idea of what the topic is about. Cases and scenarios must also be shown or shared as examples.

There must be an application of the learning.

The best way to know that the trainees have understood the session is by having activities that will allow them to have an application. This could be in the form of role-plays or tests.

Participation must be encouraged.

Trainees should not only be the ones talking during the whole session. Participation must be encouraged, so as to have a more dynamic training.

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