Misconceptions about LPNs

The role of Licensed Practical Nurses is important in the medical field. They play an important role in giving the best healthcare for patients. Despite their big contribution to the field of nursing, most still misunderstand or have the wrong idea about what Licensed Practical Nurses really do.


Here is a list of common misconceptions about LPNs.

1. LPNs do not have enough knowledge and experience to take care of patients.

It is quite disappointing that nurse managers, educators and even some physicians, often make this misconception. They feel that LPNs do not have enough training to provide care to patients. The truth is, LPNs have gone through the proper training that makes them capable enough to handle patients. Their hands-on clinical hours during their training course gave them enough exposure to the proper care of patients. More so they are knowledgeable on the complex issues or diseases that the patients are afflicted with.

2. LPNs are not real nurses.

Some people, especially patients, prefer to call LPNs, pretend nurses. They see LPNs as merely an assistant who takes care of patients when there no real nurse around. Truth be told, LPNs are real nurses. They have successfully completed a practical nursing program and have passed the NCLEX-PN exam. Also, they have also passed the state-licensing exam. With all these exams and licenses that they have gone through and attained, it goes to show how competent they are as a professional nurse.

3. LPNs are not as smart as Registered Nurses.

Most people think that registered nurses are smarter than LPNs. Those who have this misconception should realize that being either type of nurse requires the same level of intelligence. They should also consider recognize the importance of choices. Any person’s job is a product of one’s choice and freewill.

It is saddening that many people in and out of the medical field think lowly of Licensed Practical Nurses. LPNs always find themselves defending their profession. They also tend to defend their reasons for choosing to be LPNs instead of RNs. These misconceptions directly and indirectly affect LPNs and their self-esteem. Hopefully, more and more people will see the fact that licensed practical nurses are as profession and skilled as registered nurses. Above all, those in the medical field should also change the way they think about LPNs. By starting to change our mindsets about them, we contribute to increasing their self-confidence and self-image.

For Licensed Practical Nurses, always hold your head up high and do not be embarrassed about your chosen profession.

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