New Hospice Care

Two of the most terrifying words one wishes never to listen to are “terminal illness”, especially in regards to yourself or a family member. This is usually followed by a variety of confusing choices that need to be taken like the right doctor, hospice care, insurance issues and confounding medical terms, none of them easy or simple. Pearland-based Altus Healthcare Management Services is stepping in to complete the needs of the critically ill in Sugar Land by starting a new medical center with an in-patient unit in roughly 8 months.  The term “hospice” represents a support that provides medicines, equipment, medical center services and additional help, either in the comfort of your home or at an inpatient unit, when life span is about 6 months or less. Sufferers are referred by their doctors to a medical center and the support is usually covered by Medical health insurance.

hospice_careAltus Health was established in 2004 with a novel idea of “empowering physicians”.  In short, it allows doctors to get and become associates at their facilities and once functional, doctors focus on practicing medication and looking after patients while ZT Wealth, manage the day to day management, promotion and cash management. Altus has had a good run starting several hospice care services, imaging, surgery and sleep facilities in Texas, utilizing over 800 individuals and producing $150 million of earnings. Altus’ strength can be found in being patient focused and making a plan of care that is designed to the unique needs of the patient and their family. This is supervised by a care group of experienced doctors who work in combination with the individual’s primary doctor to ensure that the patient gets the best possible care.

Former Mayor Dave Wallace, now a Board Member of Altus Healthcare, described by Gaj as “one of the best individuals to have in your corner”, said he was grateful of the tasks the service would make and the healthcare it would offer for the citizens of Sugar Land.  “Detractors may grumble that the wheels of the Government are not turning quick enough,” Wallace said, yet I believe that the “City of Sugar Land is the best oiled machine there is.”

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