Rehabilitation Nursing

There are many specialties in the nursing field that you can focus on as a nursing. One of which is rehabilitation nursing. This specialty is increasingly becoming popular these days.

What is rehabilitation nursing?

This specialty involves assisting patients and their families deal with short-term to long-term impediments and disabilities. As a rehabilitation nurse, your tasks will include managing the care of patients, performing nursing skills, checking and responding to changes in patient’s condition, and give psychosocial support to patients.

You may have patients who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease or may be recovering from a surgical procedure.

What are the requirements of a rehabilitation nurse?

A rehabilitation nurse must have finished an approved nursing course. Licensed practical nurses and registered nurses may be employed as rehab nurses. They may be hired at acute care hospitals, specialty rehabilitation hospitals, long term acute care hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation centers.

If you have a certification in rehabilitation nursing, this is highly favored although it is only optional.

Being a rehab nurse is a rewarding profession. You will be able to interact and create a deeper patient-nurse relationship. You will have a chance to see and observe how your patients succeed in overcoming hurdles.

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