RN Referral Program

We wanted to take just a moment of your time to review something that could save you thousands of dollars on your RN program; that would be our referral program! With each referral you send us that decides to begin their RN program, we will send you a check for $100, when you reach six enrolled referrals we will pay off the balance of your DLSI account! So, the faster you get to 6, the more money you save! When you have referred 6 additional people who enroll, we will then pay off the tutoring portion of your training!

We also want to share a few creative ideas that we believe will help you obtain more referrals!

Option 1: Simply speak to other qualified applicants you know who understand the benefits of becoming an RN! What LPN, Paramedic or RT, would not like to make an additional $20,000.00 a year and gain the recognition that goes along with being an RN!

Option 2: Write a letter explaining what you like about DLSI and sign it. Include your phone number and email address. When a potential student would like to talk to a current student, we will send a letter to them. If it is your letter and the potential student enrolls and you helped because the student read your letter, calling or emailing you, then they are your referral!

Option 3: We periodically conduct seminars in your area; if you are willing to attend one of our seminars and talk to the group about your experience (positive) with the program, we will give you a referral from that group. That is like earning $25 for the hour and it will also count toward your six.

Option 4: Talk to your employer about this opportunity for other LPNs, Paramedics and RTs who are ready to obtain their RN license! Remember, your employer will benefit in a big way because,

  1. The employee they refer to the program can still work their normal schedule while completing the RN program,
  2. They can PICK qualified employees they already have a work history with, and contract for an ongoing relationship with that individual as an RN (if they provide financial support for the program) and
  3. Reduce typical recruiting cost (sign-on bonuses), by upgrading current staff.

Option 5: We will send you flyers to post in your facility. The flyers will have a special identification number assigned to you on them. When somebody calls us off of that flyer you will get the referral for that. You may not even know that person! It’s that easy!! If you’re interested in hanging some of these flyers call your program administrator at 888-955-3276 and we will get them in the mail to you ASAP.

Option 6: Email your program administrator the names and phone #s of LPNs, Paramedics and RTs who are ready to obtain their RN license and we will work closely with them to INSURE they receive the very best CARE and SUPPORT available anywhere!

Let’s work together to insure you become an RN in the shortest amount of time, and for the least cost.

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  1. I am very interested in Option #3, attending seminars in my area. I enrolled in DLSI in February and have just completed my third class. In two of the classes my exam scores were “A” ‘s! The third I will get credit for because of my current LPN license status with no exam. I love the flexibility with DLSI. I can help my husband run his business AND finish my RN and have a life outside of school! DLSI has been there to help me with anything I need.


    Jennifer Zwayer

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