Saving Money through the Dantes Exam

Distance learning works under the supposition that you do not have to sit in a classroom in order to learn. You can study anywhere, at any time and then test your knowledge using consistent assessments. If you score well enough, you “pass” and generate credit. Some learners may want to finish their whole degree through distance learning. However, you do not have to take an all-or-nothing strategy. Many institutions allow you to test out of at least some programs and have credit used.

CLEP examinations are the most popular way to test out of entry-level higher education courses. For a 90 minute test that costs just $77, you can earn between 3 and 12 credit hours! Nearly 3000 approved institutions nation-wide award credit score for at least some CLEP examinations. CLEP examinations cover 33 topics including biology, Spanish, calculus and American literary works. Excluding language and structure CLEP examinations, the examinations are made up of multiple choice questions.

There is also the Dantes Exam or Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). These assessments were initially designed for the army, but citizens can now take them. Like CLEPs, Dantes exams cost a portion of earning credit typically. Dantes exams are $80* for a 3 credit-hour examination and many of the test are even granted upper-level credit! Nearly 2000 institutions across the country accept some Dantes exams for credit. Dantes exams cover 38 topics such as “Human Resource management,” “Principle of Statistics,” and “The Rise and Fall of Soviet Russia.” These examinations are more challenging than CLEPs, but are in multiple choice forms. Though Dantes need studious planning, you can research at your own speed with the components you choose.

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