American Literature CLEP Exams

The CLEP exams for American Literature covers chronologically organized material taught in a two-semester introductory course in American Literature. This CLEP exam deals with the writing and poetry written in the United States from the Northeastern, Romantic, Realism and Naturalism, Modernist, and Contemporary Times.

This CLEP examination focuses on fiction and poetry more than essays, dramas, and autobiographies and assumes that learners getting the examination have read a wide range of American Literature works and know its basic periods and traditional development. Specifically, this CLEP exam tests learners’ information about specific literary content such as characters, plots, setting, and themes. This CLEP examination also assesses a learner’s ability to demonstrate and understand short poetry or excerpts from longer poetry and writing works. Students getting the CLEP exams need information of the traditional and social settings of literary works and their authors. The American Literature CLEP exams also require learners to demonstrate their familiarity with terminology used by literary experts and researchers, while understanding critical theories, verse forms, and literary devices.

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP examination involves content provided in a two-semester common literature course. This CLEP examination represents learners have read a wide range of poems, dilemma, stories, and nonfiction mainly from United States and British literature. Exam questions apply to chosen paragraphs and no past experience with the paragraphs is required. The English Literature CLEP exams cover a traditional organization of material obtained in a two-semester undergrad course. This CLEP test covers author’s work from Beowulf to the present, working on major authors and literary works, but sometimes includes questions about minor authors.

All of these multiple-choice CLEP exams allow for achievement within 90 minutes. The American Literature CLEP examination has about 100 questions, while the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP examination contains roughly 80 questions and the English Literature CLEP examination contains 95 questions.