Pursuing Accreditation Through NLNAC

When seeking accreditation or re-accreditation, there are many ways to handle the procedure. Because of the complexity of the accreditation procedure, it is crucial to consider how we may apply technological innovation to help handle the procedure. Whether it is interaction with stakeholders, handling amount of work for staff, or offering large amounts of information to the targeted traffic, there are 100 % free and easy-to-use resources that can make the procedure not only more controllable, but also improve the opportunities of a better result.

nlnac_accreditationUsing a distributed data file service (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive) can really help staff with handling several editions being used by several authors. Using an online survey tool often allows gathering data that is more controllable for members and researchers. Often times, these resources are also 100 % free. Having learners submit artifacts to an on the internet task selection tool in the learning management system will help create one location where examples can be saved. Having a USB drive ready for the targeted traffic allows with handling a number of different data file types, sizes and locations. Also, consider simple video clips as a means of describing and indicating how your system controls day-to-day functions. These video clips can also emphasize important features of your system such as simulator and group outreach.

Using technological innovation does not have to be complex and it can really improve the accreditation experience for all engaged. Whether it is NLNAC, CCNE, or Board of Nursing, you can apply resources at low price or no price to make your system glow. All baccalaureate, graduate, and residency nursing programs working under CCNE certification do so according to nationally recognized requirements. Nursing certificate, diploma, and professional degree programs working under NLNAC accreditation do so depending on the same requirements as well. And contribution in both is completely voluntary.