Enrolling in a DANTES Catalog Program

DANTES is an off-duty support system for the voluntary educational applications. DANTES primary roles include providing the army employees all the necessary tools to help them achieve their personal education goals. The DANTES Independent Study Catalog courses are offered by domestically approved colleges and universities (with a DANTES Memorandum of Understanding). The DANTES External Degree Catalog lists, certificates and degree programs are available from domestically approved colleges and universities (with a DANTES Memorandum of Understanding).

Dantes_credit_by_examinationTo join any of the programs found in the DANTES credit by examination online catalogs, you need to get in touch with the university and follow the procedure. Remember, before searching for a course or degree program, that there is the possibility of receiving credit through the Military Evaluations Program http://militaryguides.acenet.edu, and through the DANTES Credit by Examination program. Also, many of the service members Opportunity Colleges at http://www.soc.aascu.org colleges offer contracts-for-degree in which, particular use of non-traditional credit is usually optimized for military learners. Be aware before applying to any college of all the specifications that you need to meet, course cost, term lengths, delivery modes, student-to-instructor contacts and testing guidelines. Check for the college’s drop/add date for each course, guidelines for giving “W, F, and I” grades and all return guidelines and schedules. Consider all of these before you join.

In general, although subject to particular service guidelines, specified boundaries, yearly caps and accessibility to financing, learners will be provided either up-front or reimbursable educational costs assistance which may cover 100% of their educational costs and charges. Contact your Service education counselors for current educational costs assistance guidelines and specifications, as these frequently change. And the liability to know and understand the policy falls on you. You should bear in mind that you may be required to make another payment to the university book store for books and materials, this is not standard, but some educational institutions make a requirement of it. Although educational institutions agree to notify DANTES before changing educational costs and generally attempt to avoid changing charges during a school year, prices can change before they are enrolled into the online Catalogs. Make sure to always consult the school to determine the correct price before applying.

Taking The DANTES – Credit by Examination

DANTES, CLEP and Excelsior examinations are Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Financed for active duty, Nationwide Guard members and Reserves which means they are generally free. The DANTES credit by examination is a nationally-recognized credit-by-examination program that most universities agree to for credit towards a degree plan. One tremendous benefit is to soldiers who may be separated from army bases such as recruiters who can still take these examinations for free at private analyze facilities. Any army college student with an accepted degree plan should be able to use these examinations towards their degree. There are 38 DANTES credit by examinations and these can be taken at a base education center or at an approved off base computer examining center.

DANTESThere are steps to taking and passing a DANTES credit by examination:

Step 1. Find and Schedule – Once a testing center is located, they must be approached to confirm testing procedures and scheduling for army learners. DANTES credit by examinations are developed to analyze proficiency in various college-level course materials. The evaluation is similar to the final evaluation given in lower degree college programs.

Step 2. Get a Fact Sheet – There a few strategies to successfully passing a DANTES that utilize the actual test development to ensure a passing grade. The examinations are developed based on and summary from subject experts and the questions are examined for stability based on a subject’s knowledge of that particular topic. Basically each fact sheet has a content summary that describes the content and the exact percentages of that content on the evaluation.

Step 3. Get Books – The next phase in using the fact sheet is to test the area known as sources for study material, because this is where the guides used to design the test question originate from. Generally, an evaluation details several books for an evaluation however there is usually a seminal written text. The best way to purchase lessons is to search Amazon.com for the book. In most cases, the most recent version need not be bought, as the explanations and concepts in the guide do not change that considerably over time.

Tuition Assistance and DANTES Credit By Examination

Members of the National Guard are qualified to get Higher education tuition assistance (TA) for educational purposes, such as up to 100 percent coverage for college programs taken during off-duty time. The National Guard provides guardsmen several programs to support their education and learning goals such as up to 100% TA for college programs taken during off-duty time. According to location, members may get state funded rewards for education and learning based on individual state guidelines and eligibility (i.e. TA, waivers, exceptions, education loan repayment, DANTES Credit By Examination). The following is a brief summary of National Guard tuition advantages for each service.

  • DANTESState College tuition assistance – While some states don’t provide TA transaction, many have additional tuition rewards with varied quantities of funds available. To find out what advantages are offered in your state, visit the Air National Guard ANG Benefits web site.
  • Go Army Ed (Activated Guard and Reserve) – If triggered, you will be qualified to get Military Higher education tuition assistance for Active Duty and Activated Reserve/Guard. The program provides 100% tuition and fees up to $250 per Term Credit Time and $166 for each Quarter Credit Time, with an annual cap of $4,500.
  • Air National Guard (ANG) – The ANG provides to its members access to all DANTES credit-by-examination programs, Community College of the Air Forces Associate Degree programs, FTA for online applications and state education and learning advantages.
  • State college tuition assistance – The same as the ARNG, not all states provide transaction of TA for ANG, although many provide extra rewards in varying quantities.
  • Air Force College tuition assistance (Activated Guard and Reserve) – If triggered, you will become qualified for Air Force TA for Active Duty and Activated Reserve/Guard. The same hats apply as described above under Go Army Ed TA.

Military Benefits and Dantes Credit by Examination

While going to college is now standard, in the past, you were blessed to be able to go to a university. Today, however, most kids are expected to at least study at a college or university. Even grownups are feeling the pressure to acquire higher education and return to college. Unfortunately, traditional college is not an option for everyone, especially for the military servicemen. Great college tuition, work plans, and family lifestyle often make it hard to start or continue college. Fortunately, there are alternatives! Dantes Credit by examination is one alternative that many teenagers and grownups are starting to take seriously.

DANTES_examinationCredit by examination means that you can get credit for some of the things you already know. Adult scholars, especially, have obtained knowledge outside of the academic setting from the office and life experience. For example, if you show that you already understand college arithmetic, you can test out of that class and claim three credits. This method of earning college credit has been around for the last three decades and is becoming more extensive. Although credit by examination assessments like College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) were initially designed toward army employees, both are now open to civilians.

Nearly 3,000 schools accept credits earned from the assessments, but not all schools do. To be prepared, check your college’s policy to make sure credits will transfer. College credit exams are widely approved by institutions. By passing these exams, you may earn one-third or more of the attributes required for a degree. These exams are available in more than 150 subjects and are similar to end-of-course assessments offered by colleges. The American Council on Education (ACE) suggests college credit for the following credit-by-examination programs. In most cases your examination results are sent to the appropriate army academic records system (i.e., SMART, CCAF, AARTS, Coast Guard Institute). This will make simpler the transcript request procedure when you start the college registration process.

Students in the Military and Credit by Exam

The recent Federal Fund Sequester has resulted in price range deductions across many government-run programs. And for a while, it was threatening college tuition assistance for active military members and veterans. Here’s what you need to know:

credit_by_exam1. Early in April, both the Army and Marine Corps revoked their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs, preventing active-duty military employees from submitting new requests for assistance. The Air Force then followed suit, suspending their own assistance. The Navy considered the revocation, but has not as of yet acted.

2. Only two weeks later, Congress elected to require military branches to provide college tuition assistance to all active-duty employees, thus preserving the system for those serving in the U.S. Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. The restoration of Tuition Assistance for active-duty members is a sign of the military’s commitment to education and improving minds among their ranks.

3. While both houses of Congress decided to reinstate Tuition Assistance across the board, no funds have been set aside to back up the move, so the three military branches that initially revoked assistance will have to figure out ways to implement sequestration price range deductions without touching Tuition Assistance.

The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), an organization dedicated to supporting military and veteran education, never stopped funding DSST examinations as an alternative to generate college credit. Their program remained a choice for soldiers looking for education cost assistance and quickly receive a degree.

Students in the military, as well as their partners, have the choice to generate credits up to 38 subjects through the DSST credit by exam program. And because this college credit opportunity is conveniently located at more than 500 military installations across the nation, thousands of military employees have already experienced the power of DSST tests. Over 1,900 higher-education institutions grant higher education credit to those who take and pass their credit by exam programs, helping to drive those who fight for our nation toward their degree, learning and career goals.

Dantes Credit by Examination 101

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or DANTES is an off-duty support program for the voluntary educational programs. DANTES credit by examination primary tasks includes providing the military employees all the necessary tools to help them achieve their personal education goals.

DantesPrograms and Services

Facilitate distribution of various exams, such as secondary university equivalency, college acceptance, and college credit to military employees.

Troops to instructors is a referral program to assist military employees interested in becoming public school instructors.

Computer Assisted Guidance Information System or DISCOVER provided to education center therapists who assist Service members with degree planning/career guidance.

Department of Defense contact to state Advisory Councils on Military Education and learning.

Conduct CONUS coaching classes.

Acquire and spread reference guides, coaching materials and other resources.

Manage the DoD Voluntary Education Management System, producing data for policy and budget reviews and knowledge for an annual voluntary education fact sheet

Handle higher education agreements with the American Council on Education and Service members Opportunity Colleges

Maintain contact between the active responsibility and Reserve elements through the Special Special Enlisted Advisor and Reserve Component Advisor

Organize preparing and performance of the DoD Worldwide Education Symposium

Provide distance learning catalogs listing programs and courses offered by educational institutions properly approved to receive military tuition assistance

In general, although subject to specific Assistance guidelines, specified boundaries, yearly caps, and accessibility to financing, learners will be provided either up-front or reimbursable educational costs support which may cover 100% of their educational costs and charges. Contact your Service education counselors for current educational costs support guidelines and specifications, as these frequently change. And the liability to know and understand the policy falls on you. You should be aware that you may be required to make an individual payment to the university book store for guides and materials, this is not standard, but some educational institutions make a requisite of it. Although educational institutions accept to inform DANTES credit by examination before changing educational costs and generally attempt to avoid modifying charges during a college year, prices can change before they are joined into the distance learning catalogs. Remember to always check with the university to figure out the correct price before applying.

Dantes Exam 101

Imagine this, it’s a shiny, warm day and things are going fairly well with school! You have gained several semesters’ worth of credit through CLEP assessments, and your feel very assured with the College Board’s technique of making credit. Actually, your assurance with the several option examinations is so great that you are considering changing your middle name to CLEP. Then, instantly, you see a threatening reasoning growing above. As you view your higher education design, something grabs your eye. Among the rest, helpful CLEP examinations, you see the characters DSST. Your heart stops. “What is this?” Before you have an anxiety attack, there’s something you should know. DSST, or DANTES exams, are no cause for alert. On the opposite, they are very just like CLEP assessments, and side-effects may consist of complications, throwing up, and stomach discomfort.

Dantes_examIn all severity, DANTES exams are very much like CLEP examinations. I like to think of the distinction between CLEP and DANTES exams as being just like the distinction between Pepsi and Coke. While the appearance is a bit different and individuals have choices between the two manufacturers, they are incredibly identical and there are few real variations between the two drinks. Like CLEP examinations, DANTES exams are timed, multiple choice examinations and credit are granted on a pass/fail basis. As with CLEP assessments, there is no penalty for incorrect answers (they only check the right answers) and DANTES exams are usually available in a computer-based format. Containing between 80-120 questions, the duration of a DANTES examination is much like CLEP as well.

When you see DANTES test looming above, do not panic! Keep in mind, overall, the experience will be just like the CLEP examining encounter, and most make it out of the testing center unscathed. If you have any concerns or worry regarding DANTES exams, be sure to discuss with your trainer. They can rest your worries and walk you through the procedure and even provide recommendations to make the procedure simpler.

Dantes Credit by Examination

Members of the army have the opportunity to earn one-third or more of the credit needed for a college degree through the “Credit-by-Exam” system provided through DANTES. Dantes Credit by Examination, commonly approved by schools, can save your funds as you engage in your academic objectives. Available in more than 150 subjects, they are much like assessments given at the end of any college course. Before getting any of these assessments, it’s sensible to check with the school or higher education you plan to be present at to make sure the credit will meet your stage specifications.


Here are six benefits of getting these exams:

  • Helps you to save Cash – While a typical college course can cost over $100 per credit, DANTES Credit-by-Exam assessments are free.
  • Helps you to save Time – The common course contains between three and six hours per week over the course of three or more months. Based on your detail of knowledge, planning time for each exam could be less than a month.
  • Allows You to Skip Forward – Instead of buying boring freshman-level classes, you can leap right ahead to more interesting innovative ones.
  • Study Groups – Search for people in your unit with similar objectives and meet together on lunchtime breaks.
  • Doesn’t Require College Enrollment – It is not necessary to be registered in a college to take these assessments.
  • Versatility – You can choose your own study materials and set your own work deadlines.

There are three types of exams:

  • CLEP – There are 14 CLEP exams, which are available as paper-based assessments at participating DANTES Test Facilities.
  • DSST – These are a comprehensive sequence of examinations in topics that are much like finals in undergrad programs.
  • ECE – While most are objective multiple-choice questions, some ECE examinations are completely essay based. In addition to information and terminology, these assessments analyze use of essential ideas and abilities.