Regarding Credit by Examination

dantes-dsst-examsCredit By Examination has become common practice in most colleges and universities. A student usually earns at least one-third of credits required for their chosen degree. These examinations are available in many subject areas like that with university courses.

The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) is an example of a credit exam. Dantes exam offers free tests for military members and also offer discounts for veterans as well. A Dantes exam is conducted on military bases, embassies and even inside military camps.

These exams come in the form of a transcript system through JST or CCAF. Using transcripts simplify their enrollment process. Students are first encouraged to check the college of their choice to make sure they meet certain requirements. There are 3 types of credit by examination:  College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) and Excelsior College Examinations (ECE).

CLEP is the most popular of the three. With CLEP, students will receive credit for a fraction of the degree cost. Instituted by the College Board, it offers help to almost three thousand universities. The DSST is more extensive. It is a series of examinations comparable to that of an end-of-course exam. Business Law and Physical Geography are regular subjects in DSST. Students can ask for reimbursements with DSST, particularly with military members, by using their GI Bill.

ECE offers distance learning and online education to veterans and military personnel. ECE offers objective, multiple-choice exams to aspiring students, but also emphasize the application of military concepts and skills. Students who attend military schools are given equal opportunities like that of regular students. They no longer need to find ways to get an entry pass in military schools. Going through DANTES is the right choice for them.  All they need to do is study, and attend to their credits later.

Fast Track College Degree: Earning College Credits Thru Examinations

Earning a college degree is very important for a professional career. An individual will gain an advantage if he or she has the educational qualification. However, in reality, the probability of earning a college degree can be very 15584-31DG-630x945-LAYEREDlow. The cost for a formal educational in a university can be very expensive for an average income earner. Earning a college degree can consume a person’s time and financial resources.

Yet, a working student who is eager to pursue a college degree can find the right solution to these problems. A person can adapt strategies and methods to lessen the time and money consumed for a college degree. A very popular method of decreasing the time-spent for a college education is thru earning credits by taking examination.

Three Popular Credit by Exam Types

There are 3 top credit by examination testing programs in America. These type of test provide transferable credits to hundreds of universities and colleges all over the country. The CLEP and DSST test are the most widely used examination programs that grants a person 60 transferable college credits. Some schools and university also offer their own sets of credit by exam testing program.

Dantes Credit by examination program was originated by United States Department of Defense. Also known as the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (Dantes) program, is an extensive series of examinations to assess a person’s knowledge to 38 college subjects. The Dantes Exam is comparable to the final examinations given in these 38 undergraduate college courses.

Earning credit thru examination program will cut the time spent in attending classes. These type of examination programs grant a student to earn college credits without attending regular classes. People who want to save time and money for earning credits in regular courses can adapt to this type of method.

Dantes Exam Resources

Not only does making credit-by-examination save significantly on per-credit cost, you also do not have to buy overpriced books. Most of the resources necessary to get ready for CLEP or Dantes exam are totally free! The first step when planning for any test is to understand the examination. There are 33 CLEP examinations. The College Board explains the assessments and provides a few sample questions. The Official CLEP Study Guide is released by the makers of the CLEP examinations and provides complete practice assessments, as well as suggestions for planning for the examination. We took numerous CLEP examinations and found the Official CLEP Study Guide to be an important source for verifying our preparedness to take the examination.

Dantes_examIf you want to take a Dantes exam, some websites provide a specific summary of each test with sample questions. The authors of the examination have written the Official Study Guide to Perfecting DSST Exams to prepare learners for their eight most popular examinations. Instant Cert is excellent for areas in which you need a lot of work. It uses a sequence of multiple choice questions with specific solutions to easily help you understand the relevant details. If you want an actual book, there are books to almost every topic possible. Sometimes if you have listened to a class on a topic, it’s useful to follow-up with a look through on one of these books.

Thanks to an amazing library system, you can spend less on all four years of higher education credit than you would when actually buying text books to help you study. Even if your library is not as comprehensive as others, planning for a CLEP or Dantes exam is significantly less expensive than a regular higher education and learning course! Even if you are going to a conventional college and learning, I suggest that you consider testing out of some of your general education and learning programs. It will save you money.