Credit by Examination: DSST

dantesOne of the most overlooked benefits of military service is the ability to convert the knowledge you gained into college credit through DOD-supported credit-by-examination programs, all without taking a course or a class in a traditional university. Similar to most other education programs and benefits, credit-by-examination programs are mandated by the Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

These kinds of programs enable service members, their husbands and wives, and civilian personnel acquire civilian college credits through subject-based exams. In some instances, passing scores can apply toward professional certifications, such as teaching or nursing certificates. The three major credit-by-examination programs available to military service members are the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), College Level Exam Program (CLEP) and the Excelsior College Exam (ECE). The DSSTs are administered by the Department of Defense. The rest of the credit-by-examination programs are civilian-run, but open to military personnel as well. In most cases, DANTES administers these exams through military-based testing centers, waves or discounts testing fees, and offers study materials to qualified service members and their spouses for free.

The DSST permit test-takers to gain three or more units of college credit by using the exam instead of a traditional class. DSSTs are implemented through DANTES and are intended for military service members.  People who take DSSTs at certainly one of 500 military installations across the country can do so free of charge. Service members and military spouses who choose to take them at civilian facilities typically need to pay about $70 per exam in registration fees.

When you passed the DSST, you will get college credit in one of thousands of schools and colleges. DSST exams are available in math, business, science, technology and the humanities. To take advantage of DSST benefits, service members should contact their Education Services Officer to find out eligibility and locate a testing center near them.

The Dantes Credit-by-Exam

The Dantes Subject Standardized tests or DSST, also known as the Dantes “Credit-By-Exam,” is a method that provides you the chance to display your college-level achievement through a program of examinations in undergraduate college courses. The Credit-By-Exam tests will save you time and money and help you accomplish your educational objectives. Through the help of the Dantes exam, the student will be able to acquire a college credit by passing the examinations.

dante's examCollege credit exams are broadly recognized by universities and colleges. By passing these assessments, chances are you’ll earn one-third or maybe more of the credits necessary for a college degree. These types of exams can be found in more than 150 subjects and they are similar to the tests provided by universities and colleges during the end of the course.

The DSST will help you acquire your degree, demonstrate your college-level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work or even get a promotion.  It will improve your chances to get into the college that you want. Colleges have their own admission policies; some include a good grade in entrance exams. When you get a passing score for DSSTs on your transcript, it will be a strong evidence of how well you perform at the college level. The exam will give you confidence before you enter college. The Dantes exam can show you how well you can compete in the college world because you will be compared with other current college students through your score.

When considering the Dantes exam, seek advice from the college or university you’re planning to attend, or together with your education counselor, to guarantee the credits satisfy your degree requirements. You must be prepared before taking the examination. Many people say that the DSST is way more difficult than the CLEP exam. Enough preparation by personal review or taking a review class will increase your chances to get a better score.

What is Credit by Examination?

Credit by Examination gives people credits that go to acquiring a college degree or college and professional certification. People take the examinations required in their chosen field of study, which tests their knowledge in the subject. Testing locales all around the US support The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Advanced Placement (AP) exams at different times throughout the year. Most universities think about the credits earned by the Credit by Examination program as transfer credits. So, the school policies determine the earned credits for the degree. The American Council on Education (ACE) favors different examinations distinguished for college credit. For example, the Excelsior College Exams and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, among others.

credit_by_examinationMost adult scholars have experience in the workforce that can go to a degree system, sparing them the time it takes to get a four-year degree. Numerous adult scholars gain up to 40 credits to a degree program through testing. An alternate playing point of the Credit by Examination programs is the cash spared on school educational cost. Most adult students have families to accommodate and using under 100 dollars for an exam, save many dollars for school courses. These examinations additionally help adult scholars who have officially earned a degree, yet have been in the working environment for various years. They can acquire school credits for a graduate degree, utilizing their work experience and specific aptitudes.

Numerous adult learners lack the confidence to take these exams in light of the fact that they are performing poorly due to a lack of practice with testing and studying. This is particularly valid for those looking for medical careers like nursing, in light of the technical and medical facts required to pass the exams. Projects are accessible to help prepare for the exams in particular school campuses if free study is troublesome or students feel scared by reading material learning.

Military Benefits and Dantes Credit by Examination

While going to college is now standard, in the past, you were blessed to be able to go to a university. Today, however, most kids are expected to at least study at a college or university. Even grownups are feeling the pressure to acquire higher education and return to college. Unfortunately, traditional college is not an option for everyone, especially for the military servicemen. Great college tuition, work plans, and family lifestyle often make it hard to start or continue college. Fortunately, there are alternatives! Dantes Credit by examination is one alternative that many teenagers and grownups are starting to take seriously.

DANTES_examinationCredit by examination means that you can get credit for some of the things you already know. Adult scholars, especially, have obtained knowledge outside of the academic setting from the office and life experience. For example, if you show that you already understand college arithmetic, you can test out of that class and claim three credits. This method of earning college credit has been around for the last three decades and is becoming more extensive. Although credit by examination assessments like College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) were initially designed toward army employees, both are now open to civilians.

Nearly 3,000 schools accept credits earned from the assessments, but not all schools do. To be prepared, check your college’s policy to make sure credits will transfer. College credit exams are widely approved by institutions. By passing these exams, you may earn one-third or more of the attributes required for a degree. These exams are available in more than 150 subjects and are similar to end-of-course assessments offered by colleges. The American Council on Education (ACE) suggests college credit for the following credit-by-examination programs. In most cases your examination results are sent to the appropriate army academic records system (i.e., SMART, CCAF, AARTS, Coast Guard Institute). This will make simpler the transcript request procedure when you start the college registration process.

Comparison between Dantes, CLEP and Excelsior Exams

If you are not sure which CLEP exams to take and how college credit for the following credit-by-examination applications, then here’s the answer. On these three assessments I obtained a high enough score that the college I was participating granted me to be present to learn about their CLEP plan and Dantes exam policies and which examination matches with what class, how many credit they take, or if they take CLEP  or Dantes exam credit at all. The second way to play the gap designed by the credit examinations there would actually be a way to move forward quicker.

dantes_examThere are many choices to select from when it comes to substitute routes to get college credit. Credit-by-exams are assessments that allow you to confirm your knowledge in an area to college credit. It’s an excellent way to accomplish identification of college-level studying for senior students. These assessments are similar to each other somewhat, but there are some exciting technicalities as well. Most of the 33 CLEP assessments are for common knowledge sessions. For Dantes exam, there are 38 topics to choose from in higher and lower stage credit. The Upper Level assessments are more specific and can be used towards a major, and therefore can be more difficult. There are a total of 49 Excelsior College Assessments, of which 15 are medical relevant.

Both CLEP and Dantes exams are provided at local schools, which I found out by looking for exam facilities on both the CLEP and Dantes exam websites. Because each university has its own signing up procedure, I was recommended to contact the test center. While on the phone, they assisted me through the signing up procedure for both assessments and planned a test time frame for me. For the Excelsior College Examination, I planned the test on the internet via Pearson VUE. I like the point that I can check the availability on the internet, as well as the organizing versatility. All the assessments are computer-based and include entirely of multiple-choice concerns. The CLEP and Dantes tests each have 100 questions to be completed in 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. The Excelsior College Examination has 120 questions to be completed in 2.5 hours. I found all three assessments I took to be at the same problems stage.

Tips for Dantes Exam Preparations

Organizations that create and offer research books for people trying to get ready to take a test may offer exercise test questions as a part of their content to help their clients practice the information they have discovered.  It cannot be highlighted enough how very essential it is to use Dantes Exam test questions while planning to complete the examination. Yes, you should be acquainted with the content, but it is also very useful to practice taking the exam with real sample questions.

If you research more sensibly, you may be able to spend less time in your Dantes Exam preparation. If you do not spend your time and energy sensibly, it may harm you. The best way to study wisely is to get ready by being trained by test taking professionals who are aware of the methods. Set objectives and endeavor to split up your time and energy to the places you need to study and practice. This could help you pass. Save the most difficult problems for last. This will allow you to, as fast as possible, finish the most convenient ones first. However, keep in mind that you will need to pace yourself in order not to run out of energy and time before you get to the last part.

Before you take the Dantes Exam, you should have discovered the primary information. Some research books will help you understand the primary knowledge and some believe you know the details but just need help planning. If however, you need more help in knowing the platform details, you will want something more detailed. In the second case, it may sound right to use a few different research books which provide different requirements. One, as a test prep evaluation and one to educate the primary details. Ask yourself how well you view the details before you prepare. If you view the primary content and you understand proper check taking skills, you should be able to not spend by using research information targeted on passing the examination.

Saving Money through the Dantes Exam

Distance learning works under the supposition that you do not have to sit in a classroom in order to learn. You can study anywhere, at any time and then test your knowledge using consistent assessments. If you score well enough, you “pass” and generate credit. Some learners may want to finish their whole degree through distance learning. However, you do not have to take an all-or-nothing strategy. Many institutions allow you to test out of at least some programs and have credit used.

CLEP examinations are the most popular way to test out of entry-level higher education courses. For a 90 minute test that costs just $77, you can earn between 3 and 12 credit hours! Nearly 3000 approved institutions nation-wide award credit score for at least some CLEP examinations. CLEP examinations cover 33 topics including biology, Spanish, calculus and American literary works. Excluding language and structure CLEP examinations, the examinations are made up of multiple choice questions.

There is also the Dantes Exam or Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). These assessments were initially designed for the army, but citizens can now take them. Like CLEPs, Dantes exams cost a portion of earning credit typically. Dantes exams are $80* for a 3 credit-hour examination and many of the test are even granted upper-level credit! Nearly 2000 institutions across the country accept some Dantes exams for credit. Dantes exams cover 38 topics such as “Human Resource management,” “Principle of Statistics,” and “The Rise and Fall of Soviet Russia.” These examinations are more challenging than CLEPs, but are in multiple choice forms. Though Dantes need studious planning, you can research at your own speed with the components you choose.