Benefits of Distance Learning Systems

Distance Learning SystemsDistance learning, more commonly known as e-learning, is simply a formal and structured education over the internet. Its biggest selling point is the ability to learn and teach despite time and location, a big difference to classroom instruction. It is also less expensive compared to traditional schooling and the time is flexible. This type of learning system is more beneficial than it sounds.

Cost efficient. Distance learning is widely known for its low cost. It takes out the usual traveling and housing expenses that one usually spends on when going to a traditional school. Miscellaneous fees that traditional schools impose are also taken out.

Broad communication system. Because distance learning takes out the geographical constraints, people who enroll in this learning system are exposed to different cultures and personalities. It also allows interaction with international schools that offer such education online. Although most distance learning systems are done one-on-one, the availability of networking makes up for the absence of classmates.

Quality learning. The experience that distance learning provides is different from traditional schooling. Students are given free reign to do their course works and modules, providing them the ability to review and re-learn topics that they find difficult. This practice leads to student motivation and satisfaction.

Unique experience. Since people differ in learning styles, the use of advanced technology in distance learning is truly helpful. Learning experience is enhanced when education is done in a different number of ways—modules could include a variety of videos, audio, presentations and the like. It not only enhances experience, but interest as well.

Opportunity. There are cases when students cannot apply to traditional schools. Examples of this include people with disability, illnesses or behavior problems. Distance learning systems allows them to continue learning in the comfort of their homes while at the same time, they are being provided with pretty much the same services traditional schools offer.

The Effectiveness of E-Learning in Organizations

Research has proven that students showed positive academic outcomes when learning are integrated with technology. For instance, students who took all or part of their learning process online performed better compared to those who took the same course in an actual student-teacher face-to-face environment.

RNBecause of this, many organizations today, including the RN community, have increasingly adopted learning methods and tools to train and develop, not only students, but also employees. This article will tackle about the usefulness of distance learning systems in the work environment. Before anything else, let us familiarize ourselves with this new found process.

What is Distance Learning?

Many organizations use distance learning as a training technique to meet the difficulties faced in the fast-tracked work environment. The use of videos, audio recordings, computer, and internet in training and disseminating information for effective workforce is one example of using this method. Management development, job skills, improving customer service, and new products are some of the topics being taught.

Due to the fact that learning distance is broadly diffused in the educational and organizational setting, its definition is undetermined. Despite of this, one commonality of distance learning is that training takes place synchronously. This means that the material is covered to multiple participants all at the same time even though they are distance apart. Another common attribute is the utilization of electronic mediums such as video, audio, multimedia technology, and computer.

The most fitting term that can also be used for distance learning is “E-learning.” Though few authors separate the two, e-learning is quite synonymous to distance learning due to the use of electronic-based materials. The only difference is that e-learning can take place on-site, while distance learning does not. In this article, we will use e-learning as another name for distance learning.

What are the Benefits of E-learning?

E-learning is advantageous in the organizational background and we’ll name some of the benefits it can bring:

  • Fast way to train employees from across the country.
  • An opportunity to utilize the best instructors and provide information that is up to date.
  • Training of more people in a short learning session that is easier to schedule and coordinate.
  • Higher rates of course completion and retention.
  • Convenient to employees due to delivery at work or home sites.
  • Easy accessibility on learning resources and experts.