Credit by Examination: DSST

dantesOne of the most overlooked benefits of military service is the ability to convert the knowledge you gained into college credit through DOD-supported credit-by-examination programs, all without taking a course or a class in a traditional university. Similar to most other education programs and benefits, credit-by-examination programs are mandated by the Department of Defense’s Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

These kinds of programs enable service members, their husbands and wives, and civilian personnel acquire civilian college credits through subject-based exams. In some instances, passing scores can apply toward professional certifications, such as teaching or nursing certificates. The three major credit-by-examination programs available to military service members are the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), College Level Exam Program (CLEP) and the Excelsior College Exam (ECE). The DSSTs are administered by the Department of Defense. The rest of the credit-by-examination programs are civilian-run, but open to military personnel as well. In most cases, DANTES administers these exams through military-based testing centers, waves or discounts testing fees, and offers study materials to qualified service members and their spouses for free.

The DSST permit test-takers to gain three or more units of college credit by using the exam instead of a traditional class. DSSTs are implemented through DANTES and are intended for military service members.  People who take DSSTs at certainly one of 500 military installations across the country can do so free of charge. Service members and military spouses who choose to take them at civilian facilities typically need to pay about $70 per exam in registration fees.

When you passed the DSST, you will get college credit in one of thousands of schools and colleges. DSST exams are available in math, business, science, technology and the humanities. To take advantage of DSST benefits, service members should contact their Education Services Officer to find out eligibility and locate a testing center near them.

Dantes Credit by Examination

Members of the army have the opportunity to earn one-third or more of the credit needed for a college degree through the “Credit-by-Exam” system provided through DANTES. Dantes Credit by Examination, commonly approved by schools, can save your funds as you engage in your academic objectives. Available in more than 150 subjects, they are much like assessments given at the end of any college course. Before getting any of these assessments, it’s sensible to check with the school or higher education you plan to be present at to make sure the credit will meet your stage specifications.


Here are six benefits of getting these exams:

  • Helps you to save Cash – While a typical college course can cost over $100 per credit, DANTES Credit-by-Exam assessments are free.
  • Helps you to save Time – The common course contains between three and six hours per week over the course of three or more months. Based on your detail of knowledge, planning time for each exam could be less than a month.
  • Allows You to Skip Forward – Instead of buying boring freshman-level classes, you can leap right ahead to more interesting innovative ones.
  • Study Groups – Search for people in your unit with similar objectives and meet together on lunchtime breaks.
  • Doesn’t Require College Enrollment – It is not necessary to be registered in a college to take these assessments.
  • Versatility – You can choose your own study materials and set your own work deadlines.

There are three types of exams:

  • CLEP – There are 14 CLEP exams, which are available as paper-based assessments at participating DANTES Test Facilities.
  • DSST – These are a comprehensive sequence of examinations in topics that are much like finals in undergrad programs.
  • ECE – While most are objective multiple-choice questions, some ECE examinations are completely essay based. In addition to information and terminology, these assessments analyze use of essential ideas and abilities.

Credit by Examination Update

One of the best methods to reduce time in finishing your degree is to take advantage of credit by examination. These are sequence of assessments from a variety of different providers. You take a test, usually on a computer at a testing center in your area, and if you do well enough, you get the comparative exchange credit for a college subject. Some educational institutions take more credit this way than others, but most educational institutions will at least take up to 30 semester-hours of credit by examination, and that’s the same as going to school full-time for a year!

The most often described of these programs is usually the College Level Examination Program or CLEP from the College Board, the same people who make the SAT college entrance exam and the Advanced Placement sequence of assessments for high scholars. But there are a number of other suppliers, such as the DSST sequence of exams from Parametric, and the Excelsior College Examinations or ECE from Excelsior College, the revolutionary online learning organization.

There are different advantages to the exams from different suppliers. CLEP assessments are the best known, but they provide almost no opportunity to earn higher department credit. Those more complex 300 and 400 degree programs that are often required as part of a major. DSST exams provide topics not available as CLEP assessments, but it can be harder to find a close by examining center. Excelsior College Exams provide options the others lack, and a range of assessments that provide higher department credit, but they are more expensive than the others and their exams take at least three hours to complete, which can be an intense experience. Until now, that is. Lately Excelsior College revealed that many ECE assessments will be improved to be taken in two hours rather than three and with a reduced cost as well. This is great information both for those learners who have comprehensive use of credit by examination as part of their degree plan, and those who are more informal.

Dantes Exam

Earning a degree while finishing army service can be extremely challenging. Military responsibilities can make it increasingly difficult to study regularly and experts can also struggle to finish their undergrad degrees while attempting to handle work, family and educational responsibilities simultaneously. Fortunately, there is a widely used option that allows learners to finish their degree in a timelier manner. DANTES exams grant credit-by-examination, allowing learners to earn transferable credit by passing an examination in topics that they’ve already perfected, rather than having to join long, time intensive and repetitive courses. DANTES exams (now known as DSST exams), and the colleges that support them, can save army personnel a lot of money.

The DANTES evaluation was the unique name of a type of credit-by-examination that permitted learners to generate credit for subjects they could confirm they already completed via qualified testing. DANTES examinations are now known as DSST examinations and are just like AP examinations taken in secondary school. Moving a DSST / DANTE evaluation allows the student to generate higher education credit without having to take an excellent course in the same subject. Earning attributes via DANTES or DSST examining can cut out the time required to complete a degree, enabling learners to graduate a term or in some cases even years earlier than expected, saving lots of money in educational costs.

There are also two other, quite identical types of credit-by-examination frequently used by Active Duty army members and experts called CLEP and ECE.

Credit By Exam is the Answer to Lessen Educational Expenses

If you’re a twenty-first century student, you might be facing concerns within the rising price of a university degree and the possibilities of future college debt. You might be wondering, can one achieve my education goals but still try to contain costs? Meanwhile, President Obama is lobbying for increased degree completion as part of labor force development.

For a lot of university students, one solution might be a sleeping giant: credit by exam, a legitimate and price-effective way of generating credit for college-level learning. For several years, the military has marketed credit by exam programs among service people going after greater education. For vibrant students taking advanced courses, related exams might help them obtain a jump on college credit. But college-level exams are broadly readily available for any ambitious university student – not only for advanced highschoolers and military people.

Credit By Exam

Like a student consumer, it’s vital that you make certain a test program you select continues to be examined through the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT), which supplies course equivalency information to facilitate college credit award choices. ACE CREDIT is a vital stamp of approval for exams and training taken outdoors of traditional degree programs. Additionally, you may even wish to understand the variations among test programs: ECEs, for example, would be the only exams developed and given by a certified college, and ECE answers are reported like a letter grade on the college transcript.

Credit by exam programs may benefit schools and colleges too. Traditional institutions facing overcrowding or faculty shortages may use credit by examination like a tool to retain students and help them in degree completion. Ultimately, such out-of-the-box solutions may benefit you, a student, and also the institutions dedicated to your ability to succeed. Now more than ever before, credit by exam programs is progressively important alongside traditional and internet-based course act as a legitimate way of showing your college-level understanding.