Credit by Examination Update

One of the best methods to reduce time in finishing your degree is to take advantage of credit by examination. These are sequence of assessments from a variety of different providers. You take a test, usually on a computer at a testing center in your area, and if you do well enough, you get the comparative exchange credit for a college subject. Some educational institutions take more credit this way than others, but most educational institutions will at least take up to 30 semester-hours of credit by examination, and that’s the same as going to school full-time for a year!

The most often described of these programs is usually the College Level Examination Program or CLEP from the College Board, the same people who make the SAT college entrance exam and the Advanced Placement sequence of assessments for high scholars. But there are a number of other suppliers, such as the DSST sequence of exams from Parametric, and the Excelsior College Examinations or ECE from Excelsior College, the revolutionary online learning organization.

There are different advantages to the exams from different suppliers. CLEP assessments are the best known, but they provide almost no opportunity to earn higher department credit. Those more complex 300 and 400 degree programs that are often required as part of a major. DSST exams provide topics not available as CLEP assessments, but it can be harder to find a close by examining center. Excelsior College Exams provide options the others lack, and a range of assessments that provide higher department credit, but they are more expensive than the others and their exams take at least three hours to complete, which can be an intense experience. Until now, that is. Lately Excelsior College revealed that many ECE assessments will be improved to be taken in two hours rather than three and with a reduced cost as well. This is great information both for those learners who have comprehensive use of credit by examination as part of their degree plan, and those who are more informal.