Anatomy & Physiology Course Overview

You probably have a general knowing of how your individual body works. But do you fully understand how all of the complex functions and systems of one’s individual body work together to keep you healthy? The Anatomy and Physiology course will offer that understanding. By approaching the study of one’s individual body in an structured way, you will be able to link what you learn about anatomy and physiology to what you already know about your own individual body.

anatomy-and-physiologyBy taking this course, you will begin to think and speak in the language of the domain while developing the knowledge you gain about anatomy to support details of the physiological phenomenon. The course concentrates on a few approaches that, when taken together, offer a full view of what one’s individual body is capable of and of the interesting processes going on inside of it. The usual themes are:

  • Structure and function of one’s body, and the relationship between the two.
  • Homeostasis, the body natural propensity to maintain a constant inner environment.
  • Levels of Organization, the major stages of organization in the individual living thing from the chemical and mobile stages to the cells, body parts and body organ systems.
  • Integration of Systems, concerning which systems are subsets of larger systems and how they operate together in balance and issue.

Developed with best methods in applied learning concept, this course offers an active chance to learn for any college student in the form of pre-tests, adequate practice possibilities, 3D interactive pictures, walk-through video clips and other special tools and programs that will increase your understanding of anatomy and physiology. Eventually, your understanding of the material provided in this course will offer you with a firm base to discover careers in the health and fitness sectors.