College Level Examination Program Dilemma

CLEP has become quite popular in the home school community. You may be thinking, “What is CLEP?” CLEP is a test created by the College Board to evaluate college degree knowledge of a subject. It’s called the College Level Examination Program. Basically, if your kid knows a subject well enough to successfully pass the test, he can get college credit score for that subject.

If your kid is highly inspired and desperate to engage in an advanced degree that needs a bachelor’s degree as a first step, CLEP examinations can boost your kid’s knowledge. In some cases, your kid can generate his entire degree through the college level examination program. If the college your kid is most interested in participating allows CLEP credit, CLEP can be a great choice, because it’s both cost and time effective. A bright and inspired college student can CLEP a lot of classes in a brief period of time, garnering lots of college credits and saving a ton of money.

college_level_examination_programEarning a bachelor’s degree through the college level examination program is not the best choice for most learners. The school experience offers much more than a degree. Your kid will find like-minded friends, begin long term connections, learn freedom and self-awareness and build networks that will increase his job possibilities. He will most likely have the chance at many exciting and different internships and study overseas programs and will gain knowledge and life skills through the number of possibilities and experiences college life offers. Your kid will skip many of these benefits if he selects to engage in college at home.

One global lament is how challenging it is to socialize after college. An individual’s college buddies are generally real and long term buddies. It is in the exclusive establishing of an excellent university that your kid will understand who he is and what it is he wants to do with his life. This is why I suggest CLEP only for making credits before coming into college or getting a degree if one already has a career in place.