National League for Nursing: Striving for Excellence

The National League for Nursing was founded with a vision to promote excellence in the nursing education. They encourage nurses to be educators of the new generation of nurses. NLN identifies itself to be a leader in the Nursing Education which strives to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce of the nation and the global community.

With this goal at hand, it is understood that the National League for Nursing wants to give those nurses in education several opportunities for advancement in their profession. By doing so, NLN  continuously designs and creates initiatives that will develop and promote the nursing faculty. This gives nursing professionals the motivation to work as a mentor to the new breed of nurses.

The role of the nurses in the health institutions does not revolve around the patients alone. They also have responsibilities that encompass the facilitation of  learning of the nursing students. Every profession in every generation needs a mentor. And to become an effective and inspiring mentor, a certain organization is needed to make opportunities for development. The NLN has seen this and has responded to the need of the nursing educators. Hence,  they have established objectives for the betterment of the nursing faculty and the nursing education institution.

When nursing educators affiliate with NLN, numerous opportunities await them. Other than faculty development programs, NLN has become the voice of nurse educators and support them in  their interests  in politics, academic and professional practice. NLN also initiates to promote evidence-based teaching practices which opens privileges for further study and research. Presently, the National League for Nursing has outlined numerous professional opportunities for nurse educators like educational research grant, write or review items for NLN tests, immersion programs, courses and workshops and many more. Check on their website to learn more about the National League for Nursing.

National League for Nursing New Director of Accreditation

The National League for Nursing has appointed Judith A. Halstead, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, to lead its new accreditation department, effective July 1, 2014. Said NLN President Marsha Howell Adams, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN, “I can think of no better person to direct this trans-formative initiative. With Dr. Halstead’s management, the NLN C-NEA will consist of accreditation services that are permeated with the League’s primary principles of caring, reliability, diversity and quality.” “The NLN’s objective to advance the health of the nation cannot be obtained without a dedication to the best nursing information possible,” said Dr. Halstead, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF. “I am excited and recognized to have the opportunity to provide leadership to this important initiative.”

national_league_for_nursingCurrently professor of nursing at Indiana University College of Nursing and director of IU’s Office for Online Education, Dr. Halstead was praised by School of Nursing dean, Dr. Marion Broome: “Judy Halstead delivers a lot of experience to this position. She has more than three years of experience in nursing education, management experience at both the college of nursing and university level, a system of co-workers with skills in this area across the nation and strong knowledge of requirements in nursing education. This unique education and expertise set will allow Dr. Halstead to cause this essential new initiative in ways few, if any, other individual could.”

Dr. Halstead is co-editor of the commonly referenced Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty. Her several awards include the MNRS Advancement of Science Award for the Nursing Education Research Section and the Sigma Theta Tau International Elizabeth Russell Belford Excellence in Education Award. Dr. Halstead is a fellow in the National League for Nursing Academy of Nursing Education and the American Academy of Nursing. Her work to promote quality in nursing education is commonly published nationwide and worldwide in more than 50 journals and 100 presentations and she is a frequently desired consultant on the process of nursing education. Dr. Halstead served as National League of Nursing president from 2011-2013.