The NLN Accreditation’s Significance

The National League for Nursing (NLN) compose a group of nursing advocates such as educators, agencies, and other member of the public, dedicated to the success of the nursing education. The NLN has another entity that is responsible for accrediting nursing schools and programs – NLN Accrediting Commission. Various nursing programs get accreditation.

Nursing schools thrive to have NLN accreditation since it assures their students that their programs meet a or exceed criteria and standards for nursing education. Aside from this, accredited schools have across the country have been known for the large percentage of graduates who pass nursing licensure exams. Thus, employers hire nursing staff from accredited schools since they know these graduates are highly competitive and acquire the necessary skills.

Although accreditation is a sign that a nursing school is in line with quality standards, they may have a chance to loose this valuable validation. That is why schools need to maintain their commitment to the nursing education success.

When considering a nursing school, it’s important to consider an accredited school. Non-accredited programs may not qualify you for financial aid. Also, when you graduate, your employment opportunities may be limited. Employers may hire a nurse from an accredited school, if they had to pick between the two of you. Also, graduates from non-accredited schools may not have a chance to work for the government.

You may wonder, where can you find nursing schools that are accredited? Searching online through the NLN’s official website may help you find a number of schools within your vicinity. Also try to search for schools with candidate status. Candidacy is the first step that leads to NLN accreditation. So when schools offer candidate programs, they’re preparing for accreditation.

The NLN Pre-admission Examination

Students who wish to enter the nursing field must go through the NLN PAX before they can enter a nursing school. The National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (NLN PAX) is a standard entrance exam for possible nursing students who are looking for admission into nursing schools across the country. Once they pass the examination, they are qualified to become a nursing student.

NLN PAXThe NLN PAX RN and PN consist of three main areas: verbal skills, mathematics and science. In the verbal skill section, the student’s word knowledge and reading comprehension skills will be measured. The mathematics area includes basic calculations, algebra, geometry, basic conversions, graphs, applied mathematics and word problems. While in the science field, the student’s basic knowledge in general biology, physics, chemistry and earth science will be measured. A section on health and first aid is also included.

The examination is intended to measure the readiness of the student in taking the nursing course. It will determine what areas the student is good at and what areas need more improvement. Each area contains all multiple-choice questions and consists of experimental items for the purpose of future test development. Answers to these questions are not counted in the scoring.

If you are planning to register for the examination, you may register online on  There are specific instructions that you need to follow for the registration. Once you pay the Pre-Admission NLN for RN Examination, you will need to create your own login and password. You must not forget your login and password that you made on the NLN website, as you will need this information on your examination date.


National League for Nursing

Members who wish to join in the NLN need to first engage in a course in nursing. NLN generally encourages quality in nursing education. This results in motivated and different nursing employees. Many learners, before starting on a profession in nursing, always wish to understand what is nursing. This is a royal profession that has been around for hundreds of years and generally includes helping physicians for and supporting sufferers so they get well. Once a college student studies this course, whether at degree or diploma level, they will graduate college and then get a well-paying job. Basically, a nurse will receive an eye-catching program upon employment in line with the national nursing wage at the time.

However, the road to getting nursing qualifications starts with enrolling in a nursing course at a university or college. This is what most learners do. There are certain conditions before a college student can be registered to study a nursing course at an accepted school. Courses trained at nursing educational institutions, whether university or college, degree, diploma or master’s stage, have to be accepted by the NLN. This is an important body that works with nursing staff and nursing educational institutions, guaranteeing that the needs of the individuals, learners and nursing staff and their instructors and trainers are taken care of always.


At these organizations of greater learning such as at college, students get to understand what is nursing when they seek various medical qualifications. These qualifications programs include nursing degrees in various areas of nursing. Many graduate nurses have gone on to have a successful career in nursing. The nurses can specialize in a chosen field of practice. There are theater nurses, internal medication nurses, medical nurses, dental nurses and so on. The choice of a career is determined by nurses. When learning for a nursing degree under a nursing program at any school, a student can at all times receive help, assistance, guidance and support from the NLN.

National League for Nursing Pre Admission Exam

The National League for Nursing Pre Admission Exam (NLN PAX) for Practical/Vocational Nursing (PN) and Registered (RN) Programs. The PAX-PN (Practical Nurse) and PAX-RN (Registered Nurse) are consistent entry examinations for potential nurses who search for access into nursing educational institutions nationwide. The National League for Nursing PAX includes three main areas: Spoken skills, which includes both term knowledge and studying comprehension; Arithmetic, such as basic computations, term problems, and features geometry, algebra, conversions, charts, and applied mathematics; and Science, which investigates general biology, chemistry, science, and earth science. The National League for Nursing PAX contains the above content as well as an area on health and first aid.

Who can take the NLN PAX?

PN Program: Learners applying for college must sit for the examination to be able to be admitted to the PN-Certificate system. Only those candidates who have finished the pre-requisite programs with educational achievements are advised to sit for the examination. RN Program: Learners that are put on the nursing waitlist for the RN Program must sit for the NLN PAX-RN. Please do not sign up for the exam until you are informed by the admissions office that you have been placed on the waitlist.

How can I study for the PAX?

To help you study for the PAX-PN or PAX-RN, the NLN provides the following publication, NLN Review Guide for LPN/RN Pre-Entrance Examination, which provides a summary of the spoken, numbers, and technology material necessary for admittance to LPN/RN programs. The publication contains roughly 1,000 exercise questions and features three exercise examinations in each of the three material areas: verbal capability, mathematics, and science. The publication also contains beneficial suggestions for test planning and for becoming a more effective student and exam taker.