Distance Education Pros and Cons

As we know, the world is getting smaller and we are living in a global village. An individual in one place can talk in real time to an individual on the other side of the world. Technology has effectively reduced the globe. Technological innovation has impacted every element of our everyday life. No one has stayed unchanged with this trend. In this article we will talk about an element where technologies have really made a big change: online studying. Now you can sit in a distant area of a country and understand everything as if you are seated in a college classroom. Distance education has drastically changed the way we see higher education. It is a growing trend all over the globe and people are interested to know more about the trend.

distance-educationBefore you make up your mind to be a part of distance education, you should know its benefits and drawbacks.

  • Study from Anywhere, AnytimeThe best thing about online studying is you can participate from anywhere and often, at anytime you want. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are living, you can be a part of course work.
  • Flexibility of TimeNormally, distance education offers versatility of your time and effort. It gives complete independence to choose your own time frame for taking courses.
  • No CommutingI dislike traveling. If you are looking for online coursework, then you will benefit from not having to travel in populated vehicles or local trains to attend a physical classroom session.

However, with benefits there are some drawbacks of online studying. Here are some.

  • Limited or No Interaction with Instructors and ProfessorsThe most severe thing about distance education is you might not be able to communicate directly with your lecturer or teachers. In fact, often you cannot even talk about it to friends and other co-workers like you can do in a normal higher education course.
  • Lack of Severity, Competitors and Learning Environment – Sometimes, you cannot substitute a real higher education atmosphere with an exclusive higher education atmosphere on your computer. In online studying, your environment does not lend to a feeling of focus that is present in a classroom setting when class is given by the professor. Self discipline becomes an absolute must.