RN Classes and Continuing Your Education

Continuing RN education web based programs are available to nursing staff that need to sustain their professional status and credentials. There are many different continuing programs on the internet RN classes that are available to current RNs. There are some common misunderstandings when it comes to continuing education for RNs. These two terms are CEU and CE.

RN_classesCEU, literally translated, stands for continuing education unit. CE, on the other hand, represents contact hours. Authorized nursing staff are required to take continuing education and these programs can either be completed on the internet or in person through live lessons for contact hours. A CEU is usually similar to 10 contact hours (or a CE). Make sure that you, as a nurse, check with the accrediting body or company before you sign up for your continuing education on the internet RN programs. This will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your convenient RN classes in the comfort of your own home and in your own spare time.

Be sure you completely understand the difference between CEUs and CEs. You want to ensure you meet the necessary credentials so that you can continue on with your profession as an RN. Do not allow yourself to get puzzled on what you need to do to move full steam ahead with your profession. If you feel concerned, you can always get in touch with the exclusive school or company that is providing the continuing education on the internet RN programs and/or the controlling body for your registered nursing credentials. When you know all that you can about the potential continuing education on the internet RN course and then you can be on your way towards an interesting academic internet experience on which you maintain your professional nurse status!