Taking the CLEP Exam

Should my kid use the CLEP assessments to get credit for college courses? This question resonates with many families looking to reduce the price of college. The CLEP program has increased in popularity over the last few years. Be home more, reduce costs and get college credit. Sounds like a win-win situation, but consider all the facts before moving head first into this new effort.

CLEPThe College-Level Examination Program ® or CLEP is a program that allows learners of any age the chance to gain college credit through a series of examinations in undergrad higher teaching programs. Like AP programs, there are several advantages to doing well on CLEP assessments. The CLEP program is not necessarily used as replacement for college. Many learners take these assessments to prepare and improve their college experience.


  • Take fewer classes in college. You can get college credit for information you already know. If you have already studied a particular subject, you can route that information into college time and get credit for your secondary school information. CLEP-ing out of starter classes can also help you jump into the more advanced and interesting programs college has to offer.
  • Spend less cash on education and studying. CLEP examinations coast approximately $65, which is cheaper when compared to the price of college credit hour. CLEP examinations are also free to those who are serving in the army.
  • Finish your Degree. If you lack certain programs to be eligible for graduating, CLEP examinations can be great way to help you get those last few college hours.


  • Reliability of your degree. Many families have decided to have their kid do all their college work through some form of “distance learning” program. Although correspondence programs have grown in approval, many companies and institutions of higher learning are hesitant to accept these degrees as genuine.
  • Longer than you think. Some programs claim that a four year degree can be obtained in six months through accelerated studying and then CLEP-ing out of normal college classes. Don’t just take the word of someone who has written a book; do more research to find out if this is actually possible.

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