The Truths About Nursing

Nursing is hardly a bed of roses, but it is a very rewarding vocation. For most nurses who have been in the profession for many years, the experiences they have everyday at work gives them the opportunity to learn. And below are some things that most veteran nurses have learned about nurses over time.

1. Burnout among nurses is quite high. Those who tend to stay in the profession are those who have mastered the art of coping with stress and getting the right motivation. Many in the medical field, from paramedic to RN to respiratory therapists, feel exhausted. With the many patients to assist and the long working hours, relaxation is something that is rarely achieved. Unless of course, time management and organizational skills are applied.

2. Time management is key to lessening stress. It is important for nurses to prioritize their tasks. Big tasks must be done first and small tasks are made last. Veteran nurses know their tasks by heart. For younger nurses, they suggest that you keep a to-do list or a calendar where you can write your tasks and responsibilities on.

3. Life is short. Many nurses have seen patients clinging on to life and families praying for a longer life for their loved ones. They have also seen wonderful moments where the miracle of life unfolds itself. By being a witness to life and death, nurses know that life is too short to be wasted on silly, petty things.

4. You can’t please everyone. Just like any workplace, there will always be one or two staff members who like gossiping and backstabbing. Most veteran nurses know better than to keep away from them and their stories. New nurses shouldn’t be so preoccupied about the latest gossip at work. Instead, they should focus on their tasks and treat everyone fairly.

5. Not all patients are easy to assist. Every patient has their own way of coping with their ailments. Some are coping well, while others aren’t. Nurses must know how to approach patients and communicate with them well.

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