Using Social Media At Work

Social media can be a form of stress reliever. We tweet when we’re stressed out. We post pictures of what we did over the weekend with friends. In a way, social media is a great outlet of our feelings.

As nurses, we get to learn so many things about life and death at work. Our job gives us a chance to appreciate life. Most people who have a different occupation may not have this kind of opportunity.  To give them a chance to celebrate life, why don’t you share a bit about your job through your posts?


Below are some tips on how to do it.

1. Share stories without stating people’s names and hospital names.

2. Focus on the situation and lesson in the end.

3. Never post pictures of patients and their conditions online.

4. Choose stories that are more positive and inspiring.

5. Avoid complaining about your job. Every job has its cons, so your complaint isn’t really something your friends want to know.

6. Do not talk about the specific location of your workplace

7. Make sure that you take time to contemplate whether your story is worth sharing. If it’s not, then don’t share it.


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