Who is Distance Learning Systems?

Distance Learning Systems is one of the nation’s leading educational publishing firms established in 1999. With over 10,000 students nationwide, DLSI is the first to offer customized educational solutions to distance education for busy working adults. Our programs feature both study modules and optional tutoring. Courses are written and led by subject matter experts to assist adult learners in preparation for nationally standardized exams. By passing these exams, the individual will earn college credits transferable to thousands of colleges and universities across the US as well as many international institutions. Our students make up is predominantly adult learners who have careers and families.

Learn more about DLSI here: Beyond just providing the courses, we evaluate students’ transcripts to identify precisely which courses they are lacking toward the degree they seek to achieve. We create for students an official academic plan showing the courses they will need to complete the program, and then, we provide study aids, counseling and assistance along the way. We refer our students to colleges and universities to complete and earn their nationally accredited degree.

Mission Statement

The mission of Distance Learning Systems is to develop, support and deliver comprehensive educational solutions to working adults, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their personal goals. We will serve our customers by providing the latest technologies while maintaining integrity and respect for each student by directing our utmost attention to each student, thereby, empowering them to achieve their full potential.

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