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You may be eligible to receive transfer credit to Liberty University and apply the credits you earn toward your continued education and career advancement with Liberty University. Liberty University has evaluated and approved 15 DLSI™ courses as eligible for transfer.

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    Liberty University and Distance Learning Systems™ help you reach your educational and career goals by making it easy for students to transfer credits and enroll at Liberty University from Distance Learning Systems™.

  • Course Guide
    Anatomy and Physiology Course for Course BIOL 102 3
    Biology Course for Course BIOL 101 3
    College Algebra Course for Course MATH 121 3
    College Mathematics Course for Course MATH 115 3
    Developmental Psychology Course for Course PSYC 2109 3
    Ethics Course for Course ETHC 1XX 1
    Health and Human Development Course for Course HLTH 216 3
    History of the U.S. I Course for Course HIUS 221 3
    Intro to Humanities Course for Course CSTU 101 3
    Intro to Psychology Course for Course PSYC 101 3
    Intro To Sociology Course for Course SOCI 200 3
    Intro To World Religions Course for Course ANTH 1XX 1
    Microbiology Course for Course BIOL 2XX 3
    Principles of Management Course for Course BUSI 101 3
    Substance Abuse Course for Course SOWK 260 3
  • Degrees

    Accounting (A.A., B.S.)
    Apologetics (A.A.)
    Aviation (B.S.)
    Aviation Maintenance Management (B.S.)
    Biblical & Educational Studies (B.S.)
    - Biblical and Theological Studies
    Business (A.A.)
    Business Administration (B.S.)
    - Automotive Dealership Management
    - Communications
    - Data Analytics
    - Digital Marketing and Advertising
    - Economics
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Finance
    - Financial Planning
    - Green and Sustainable Management
    - Healthcare Management
    - Human Resource Management
    - International Business
    - Leadership
    - Marketing Analysis
    - Marketing: Sales Management and Professional Selling
    - Project Management
    - Public Administration
    - Strategic Marketing Management
    Christian Leadership & Management
    - Business Management
    Computer Science Cybersecurity (B.S)
    Creative Writing (A.A.)
    Criminal Justice (A.A., B.S.)
    - Business Administration and Management
    Crime Scene Investigation
    Criminal Psychology
    - Homeland Security
    Juvenile Justice
    - Public Administration
    - Strategic Intelligence Studies
    Early Childhood Education (A.A.)
    Early Childhood Education and Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)
    Education (A.A.)
    Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)
    Fire Administration (B.S.)
    Government (B.S.)
    - National Security
    - Politics and Policy
    - Public Administration
    Graphic Design (B.F.A.)
    Healthcare Administration (B.S.)
    History (A.A., B.S.)
    Informatics (B.S.)
    - Healthcare Informatics (B.S.)
    Information Systems (A.A., B.S.)
    - Accounting Information Systems
    - Data Networking
    - Database
    - Information Assurance
    Information Technology (B.S.)
    - Application and Database Development
    - Data Networking and Security
    - Gaming Design
    - Web and Mobile Programming
    Interdisciplinary Studies (A.A., B.S.)
    Law & Policy (B.S.)
    - Pre-Law
    Medical Office Assistant (A.A.S.)
    Nursing: Post Licensure (B.S.N.)
    - R.N. to B.S.N.
    - R.N. to B.S.N. - Global Studies
    Nursing: Post Licensure (R.N. to B.S.N. to M.S.N.)
    - Nurse Educator
    - Nursing Administration
    - Nursing Informatics
    Paralegal Studies (A.A., B.S.)
    Political Science (B.S.)
    Psychology (A.A., B.S.)
    - Addictions and Recovery
    - Christian Counseling
    - Criminal Psychology
    - Crisis Counseling
    - Developmental Psychology
    - Life Coaching
    - Military Resilience
    Public Administration (B.S.)
    Religion (A.A., B.S.)
    - Apologetics - Biblical and Theological Studies
    - Christian Counseling
    - Christian Leadership
    - Christian Ministries
    - Evangelism
    - Global Studies
    - NextGen (Next Generation Ministries)
    Respiratory Therapy: Post Licensure (B.S.)
    Social Work (B.S.)
    Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)
    Sport Management (B.S.)
    - Conference and Event Management
    - General
    - Sport Administration
    - Sport Communication and Public Relations
    - Sport Outreach
    - Sport Venue Management
    STEM Mathmatics (A.S.)
    Strategic Communication (B.S.)
    - Social Media Management
    - Strategic Communication
    Teaching English as a Second Language (B.S.)
    Worship Studies (B.S.)