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Brandman University

Brandman University

You may be eligible to receive transfer credit and up to a 10% tuition scholarship to Brandman University. This means that you can select from any of their degree programs and apply the credits you earned toward your continued education and career advancement with Brandman University. Brandman University has evaluated and approved 5 DLSI™ courses (a total of 15 credits) as eligible for transfer into Brandman University.

Brandman University

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    At Brandman University, we recognize that every student comes to us with a different set of needs. We offer flexible learning formats that can work around your busy schedule. Every year over 10,000 students enjoy convenient class times, exceptional faculty and unparalleled student service. Brandman is proud to be ranked Best by U.S. News for six consecutive years (2012-2017). Brandman is committed to providing a learning environment geared for the working adult student with flexible formats, relevant curriculum and myriad student services and resources. Student success is our number one goal. Brandman offers one of the highest graduation rates of any university of its kind, and 9 out of 10 of our students would recommend it to their friends. Brandman’s faculty members are professionals currently working in their fields. Receive relevant, real-world instruction that can be applied directly to your workplace. From application to graduation, Brandman’s staff is focused on your success. Each service group is dedicated to assisting students at different stages of their academic careers. Brandman is a private, nonprofit university which means that we’re all about you. We exist to provide affordable access to higher education through quality academic programs. We pride ourselves on providing flexible learning online, on-campus, and self-paced formats that will work around your busy schedule.

  • Course Guide
    Biology Elective General Science Elective, non lab 3
    History of the U.S. I Course for Course HISU 101 3
    Intro to Humanities Elective GE Humanities 3
    Intro to Psychology Course for Course PSYU 101 3
    Intro To Sociology Course for Course SOCU 101 3
  • Degrees
    Degree Programs

    Applied Studies
    Applied Studies, Applied Communication
    Applied Studies, Applied Humanities
    Applied Studies, Leadership
    Communications and Media
    Criminal Justice
    Early Childhood Education
    Integrated Social Sciences
    Legal Studies
    Legal Studies, Business Law
    Legal Studies, Paralegal Profession
    Liberal Studies, Multiple Subjects Teaching
    Organizational Leadership
    Organizational Leadership, Organizational Administration
    Organizational Leadership, Supply Chain Systems
    Psychology, Child Psychology
    Psychology, Gerontology
    Psychology, Industrial Organizational
    Psychology, Preclinical
    Social Work
    General Business
    Human Resources
    Information Systems Management
    Management & Organizational Leadership
    Organizational Communication
    Organizational Leadership
    Supply Chain Management & Logistics
    Supply Chain Systems
    BBA to MBA Accelerated
    Business Administration
    Computer Technology, Information Technology
    Computing Technology, Project Management
    Information Technology
    RN to BSN