What To Expect on Your First Day at Work

One of the best days of your life is probably that day when you received a call telling you that you got the job. Snagging a job is a wonderful feeling. It makes you feel blessed and happy to have gotten what you really wanted.

But what should you expect on your first day on the job? What are some things that you need to do? Below are a few tips.

1. You will most likely be greeted by your boss and then taken around for a round of introductions. Also, a staff will probably be assigned to show you around the place and how some things work there. Because this is your first chance to meet your coworkers, make sure that you give a nice introduction and a smile to go with it. You are not expected to remember everyone’s names so don’t worry to much if you forget their names the second the conversation ends.

2. You will be given information on what tasks you will be assigned to at work. They will also be giving you directions and instructions regarding medicine administration, paperwork, dress code, and the like

3. You are expected to understand the hospital rules and regulations. If you have already worked in the healthcare or medical field before and have earned a nursing bridge program degree, like the paramedic to RN degree, you probably know what the rules are going to be like.

4. For proper identification, you will most likely be taking a photo for your ID. So, make sure that you look presentable on your first day.

5. You may have to listen to a lot of information on your first day. Remember the info and details as much as you can. Make notes of your tasks so you won’t forget your priority tasks.

6. Familiarize yourself with the place. Know where the toilets are, the supply room, the patient rooms, etc.

7. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your boss. It’s better to ask than to be left at a loss.

8. Learn more about your job and your workplace by observation. Listen well and open your eyes. If it’s your first job ever, make sure that you learn by watching how something is done in your facility.

9. Be professional. Follow the rules and regulations. Do not listen to gossips and stay away from drama queens.  Observe good manners and right conduct at all times.

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